11 Companies on Pinterest That Are Crushing It

May 03, 2022

By [email protected] (Lestraundra Alfred)

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If you think Pinterest is just a place to find recipes and fine-tune wedding planning details, think again. With over 431 million users coming to Pinterest every month to look for inspiration, Pinterest is an effective platform for building your audience and getting your product in front of potential customers who are ready to buy.

According to a HubSpot Blogs survey of 310 marketing professionals, 39% of marketers said Pinterest generated a high return on investment.

With an effective Pinterest strategy in place, you can generate organic web traffic, create targeted ad campaigns to reach your ideal buyers, and sell directly from the platform. Gather inspiration from these brands who are yielding big results through Pinterest.

Table of Contents:

  1. IKEA
  2. IT Cosmetics
  3. Jonas Paul Eyewear
  4. Michaels
  5. Primally Pure
  6. Mayvenn
  7. Samsung
  8. La Mer
  9. Lavendaire
  10. Golde
  11. The Good Trade

11 Best Brands on Pinterest


What we like: IKEA’s innovative integration of its lead-generating quiz and Pinterest recommendations.

IKEA is a globally-recognized brand with countless product options and configurations. Shopping for new furniture and houseware can be an overwhelming experience, and IKEA is reducing customer overwhelm through creative Pinterest marketing.

Potential customers can take IKEA’s Renocations quiz to unlock which IKEA items would best suit their home. At the end of the quiz, users are given a Pinterest board of IKEA products they make like, and can then pin the options to their personal boards for inspiration, or shop directly through Pinterest when they’re ready to buy.

IKEA's Pinterest Style Quiz

This approach works because many customers turn to Pinterest for decorating ideas and to save potential product finds in one place. The integration of product recommendations and pre-populated Pinterest boards is creative and solves a real need for customers who are looking to streamline the furniture buying process.

2. IT Cosmetics

What we like: Savvy keyword targeting.

Companies on Pinterest: IT Cosmetics

According to Pinterest, 91% of beauty searches on the platform are unbranded. That means when users are typing beauty-related keywords in search, they aren’t searching for specific brands. Upon learning this statistic, IT Cosmetics implemented a keyword-first Pinterest strategy to reach users who were searching for CC cream on the platform.

This strategy gave the brand the opportunity to be found by users who were interested in learning more about CC cream and other cosmetic products but didn’t yet have loyalty to any specific brand.

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Source:: HubSpot Blog


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