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12 Best Screen Recorders to Use for Collaboration

January 14, 2020

By Rebecca White

During my HubSpot on-boarding, marketing new hires had to watch recorded product demonstrations to learn the platform. These videos typically included a screen recording, webcam footage, and narrated audio to go along with it.

Those training videos were recorded using screen recording software, which can be used to record a portion or the entirety of your computer screen. These recordings often include audio and cursor movements.

For your team, screen recorders can be used for several reasons — from creating tutorials for your website to recording a recurring tech issue to sending your marketing team a quick note instead of an email.

Plus, we can’t forget about product demos and training videos that can be used by many departments on your team, from marketing to sales to customer service.

Below, let’s learn about the best free and paid screen recording options for your company — whether you work at a small business or enterprise company.

1. Camtasia

  • Price: Individual, $249 one-time fee, install on two machines per user; Business, $199.20 – 240 depending on the size of your team
  • Best for: Professional videos

Camtasia is a screen recording option for Mac and Windows users that are looking to create professional-looking videos such as webinars, explainer videos, or knowledge base videos.

With this software, you can record your screen and audio, add effects including text and transitions, and instantly upload your video to YouTube, Vimeo, or Screencast.

Additionally, this software offers features including music and audio from its royalty-free music and sound effects, catchy titles and annotations, quizzes for interactivity, and animated transitions.

The built-in video editing tool is what sets it apart from other screen recording software, giving this software the ability to create more put-together videos for your team.

2. SnagIt

  • Price: Individual, $49.95 one-time fee, install on two machines per user; Business, $24.97 – 49.95 depending on the size of your team
  • Best for: Visual instruction videos

With this option, your team can easily create instructional videos that are customizable.

Before you begin, you can choose to create a video from templates, images, or record a new video.

Once you capture the process, you can markup the screenshots or talk through the process and add in visual instructions including custom how-to guides or tutorials.

Additionally, SnagIt offers other customizable options. You can easily move objects around on your screen capture, rearrange buttons, or even delete and edit text.

Plus, the step tool allows you to quickly document a process and workflow with a series of numbers.

The customizable tools are built with step-by-step instructional videos in mind.

3. Droplr

  • Price: Pro, $5.99/month per user; Enterprise and Teams, starting at $4.99/month per user
  • Best for: Remote collaboration

Droplr is a screencast tool that is best used for remote collaboration.

When you capture a screenshot or record your screen, you can explain your thoughts by adding messages with the text field.

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Source:: HubSpot Blog