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3 Landing Page Mistakes Sabotaging Your ROI

June 21, 2016
Aaron Polmeer

By Today’s Industry Insider


Headlines are critically important.

They’re one of the easiest things to change, and yet they have one of the biggest impacts on whether your landing pages gets read (or converts).

But here’s the problem.

They can’t do it all on their own. And there’s a few things that need to happen properly BEFORE people even get a chance to read your headline.

Otherwise, people aren’t even clicking to your page in the first place.

Here are three of the most common landing page mistakes and how you can fix them.

Mistake #1. Yawn-Worthy Offers

The elements on your landing page are important. They have a direct impact on conversions.

But what’s compelling people to even visit that landing page in the first place?

Another basic free trial, or boring free consultation?

Not likely.

Wordstream analyzed $3 billion in advertising spend to understand what separated the top performers – those cranking out 10%+ conversion rates – from everyone else struggling with an average 1-2% (or less).

It wasn’t because they used green buttons instead of an orange ones.

Instead, it was because they all used a “massively differentiated offer”.

Their initial value proposition was so unique, so interesting, that the same old free trial or consultation couldn’t keep up.

What’s an example?

How about this unexpectedly awesome one from hardware store Lowes:

They provide a complete lawn care maintenance plan with a few clicks of your finger.

By entering only the most basic information, you get customized results for your lawn type and climate in order to maintain a beautiful looking year-round with minimal hassle.

This is a perfect example of a “massively differentiated offer”, because it provides extreme utility (or usefulness) to a customer by solving a pain point in an unexpected but enjoyable way.

Let’s be honest: nobody cares about hardware store tools. (Except depressing old suburban white dudes.)

Lowe’s understands this intimately. So instead, they sell the solution – like a yard in this case, or a hole that you’ll use to hang your family’s picture – and not the tools themselves.


PayScale is another one of my favorite examples because on the face of it, their business isn’t very sexy (they provide salary profile database and software). Yet that doesn’t hold them back from pumping out tons of interesting interactive content pieces.

One example includes a guide to compensation plans; a beautifully designed walkthrough that informs while also somehow managing to entertain with a light, casual, friendly tone.


Two very different examples so far, but they share a lot in common. Specifically, they’re both:

  • Useful: Alleviating customer problems with a quick and simple guide or tool.
  • Timeless: The offer isn’t tied to an expiration date, or trending topic that will die out.
  • Mass appeal: Both offers are insanely easy to promote. In other words, people actually care.

Marketing agency IMPACT has created another excellent example with their inbound marketing ROI calculator.

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