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36 Authoritative Outreach Tips for Digital PR Specialists

May 11, 2016
Aaron Polmeer

By CosetteJarrett

A screenshot of how Datanyze finds potential emails on a page.

Posted by CosetteJarrett

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Whether you’ve been in the digital PR biz for years, or you’re a recent grad starting your first job, you stand to benefit from a few tips for building and maintaining valuable relationships with influencers at target publications.

That’s why I’ve teamed up with my digital PR team at Clearlink to compile a list of our favorite outreach tactics.

Finding an email address

1. Share prospect lists via BuzzStream

BuzzStream allows you to share prospect lists with fellow digital PR specialists to view one another’s notes on specific publications and their staff. You can use this tool to see which email templates have worked for your coworkers in the past and which contacts they’ve found that you haven’t. Knowing the history of communication between that publication and your colleagues is essential.

2. Use Rapportive to narrow down your guesses

Can’t find an email? Rapportive might be your answer. This Gmail plugin helps you pull up email addresses for your target editors and journalists, based on guesses you enter into the “recipient” line of a new email. You can make up to five guesses at a time. When you find a winner, you’ll see the full name and image connected to the recipient’s LinkedIn profile pop up to the right of your screen.

3. Use Twitter to search for email addresses

If Rapportive turns up dry, try taking your search to Twitter. Simply search your target’s full name plus the word “email” to see if they’ve tweeted it back to others who have requested it before. For example, to find mine you could search “Cosette Jarrett email” to see if it turns up.

4. Check annual reports

If you’re looking for the contact info of higher-ups at a company or publication, annual reports could be a great place to look. Search Google for the reports, then scroll to the bottom to see if they’ve included contact info.

5. Search for your target on YouTube

Some journalists and bloggers have YouTube channels where they publish additional work. My team has found contact info in the “about” pages for our targets’ YouTube channels.

6. Use the Datanyze Insider Chrome extension

This Chrome extension helps you find the right email address for a given journalist in a process that is a bit simpler than Rapportive’s process. Once you’ve signed up and downloaded the extension, you can highlight the names of your target journalists, editors, and bloggers to get their name in the proper email address format for their publication.

In my example below, I highlighted my own name and right-clicked to run it through Datanyze for this publication. Although I don’t have a email address, it did pull up the correct email format for staff at the …read more

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