Bears will find your food and eat it. We said our goodbyes-for-now. I’m wondering if navigational challenges will make 20 mile days impossible…. POST TRIP NOSH: Evanston, WY is a small, compact town with a decent amount of amenities. Comment: A week ago I was doing a log out contract for the forest service on high Uinta Highline Trail north west of Vernal, Utah Gabbro Pass west of Leidy Peak still is snowed in I suggest that hikers drop down and take Lakeshore Basin and pick up trail 0132 There is also a sign at Chepeta Lake Trail head that states Douglas pass is being worked on. I would go the other way and end at the scenic highpoint. Thanks again to Gordon Hirschi for this information. Daily Distance: 4.04 miles. . If resupply is a concern, I’d suggest not hiking the whole route and use the 60 or 80-mile option instead. . In 1991, John Moellmer and Dana Miller went on an epic fastpacking adventure traversing the entire 105-110 miles of the Highline Trail from Lonetree Campground (on Rt. Can anyone give any advice on how the snow conditions will be at this time of year on the Highline? It is a true wilderness trail, and does not intersect a road for at least 70 miles. Much easier logistically. Now, I should say that our choice of starting at the far eastern end of the trail was unusual. We sat there for quite a while. Otherwise, camp near Tungsten Lake. El sendero ofrece una serie de opciones de actividades y es mejor utilizado de junio hasta septiembre. You could, for example, hike the designated route on the way “out”, then do a bunch of alts on the way back, perhaps staying on the ridge or on the north side trail. STUNNING trail! I was then happy to see that the next and last pass of the day, Rocky Sea Pass, was only around 11,500’. Mainly dry IIRC. Also, based on your experience would you make any changes to your list? 2020 AllTrails, LLC. Just pay attention. A moose cow greeted us just off the trail. A slip would have been fatal. (EDIT: The trail crew in question is the very active Uintah Basin Back Country Horsemen group. Me and my fiancé hiked from Leidy Peak to Hayden pass first week of August 2013. Distant view to the Uinta Mountains from the Rupple Point trail in DNM. Plenty of water. I remember reading Davy Crockett’s account of his Highline ultra-run, Leidy Peak trailhead to Hayden Pass. (Also, seven years ago the Oxford comma did not have the popularity it employs today. Near Leidy Peak (12,028-feet), the boys consulted the map as I passed by and walked into a dense conifer forest. Most trip reports I’ve read from the Highline indicate (to me) that people underestimate the difficulty and conditions. Dogs and horses are also able to use this trail. Try not to push your mileage each day, it is high elevation and the afternoons get hot. My son and I and his best friend hiked a large portion of the Highline Trail August 7-13, from the Queant Lake Trailhead in Whiterocks basin on the East to the Hayden Pass junction at the western terminus of the Highline Trail. Very nice, thank you for this! Trail runners. Thank you!” PMags – Love your work. Disclosure: This website may be compensated for linking to other sites or for sales of products to which I link. Perhaps ninety minutes later, we were dropped off at  Motel Six. From the trailhead, follow the well marked Highline Trail to the west. Elevation Profile for the Highline Trail The altitude for the Highline Trail between Chepeta Lake and Hayden Pass stays above 10,000 feet the entire distance. I don’t talk about gear because it is like cooking to me: The knife I use is less important than the meal itself. Starting at the Highway 191 trailhead, to me, seems like a 20-mile approach trail just to get to the good stuff. La ruta que se muestra varía ligeramente de los senderos discontinuos que se muestran en el mapa debido a que la ruta es precisa con las rutas y los senderos que los excursionistas usan como se muestra en las imágenes satelitales. The Uinta Highline Trail is a 104 mile trail that goes east to west in Northeast Utah from McKee Draw trailhead to Hayden Pass trailhead(or vice versa). My experience backpacking on the Uinta Highline trail in Utah. VERY UNOFFICIAL SECTIONS OF THE TRAIL:   In my opinion, the Uinta Highline Trail can be divided into four distinct sections. You get even better views from the beginning of this trail than you can on the Going-to-the-Sun Road. The terrain was about to get more difficult. Absolutely stunning!!! The blue sky was replaced by an overcast day, but the terrain was still pretty. We briefly had talked about going off-trail again at North Pole pass, but the uncertain weather and above treeline exposure made us stick to the UHT proper. Day 5 (Monday, September 12th)– The west side of North Pole Pass to the Chepeta Lake Trailhead. Shortly after our break, we made it to the Leidy Peak TH. Not impossible at all. We did not realize how far off the beaten path we were. Eventually, we moved further down the well-graded and obviously well-used trail. The author seriously needs to review the use of a comma. It was simply breathtaking up there. Few Highline Trail Hikers hike the section west of Chepeta Lake, but we decided to hike the entire trail as shuttle logistics were cheaper and easier starting at the eastern trailhead. Marked borrowed my Utah maps as he was not quite ready to go to back. This is assuming previous backpacking experience. West of Anderson Pass and Kings Peak, the Uinta Highline Trail changes character. In August of 2005, my friend John and myself decided to take 10 days to complete the Highline Trail. Crocket claims that Chepeta to Hayden is about 70 miles. Daily Distance: 4.04 miles. In recent years I’ve been concentrating more on bicycling. 2020: COVID, disappointment, and giving fewer f****, Gear pick of the year 2020 – YouTube workouts, Start here: My unofficial outdoor guidebook, A big breakfast calorie gorge at the diner across the street, Supplies bought at the truck stop and gas station next to the motel (razor, a cotton t-shirt, and beer. This article I wrote should help: Happy Trails! Starting from the TH near Vernal, UT also made logistics for the end of the trip easier as this trailhead was just off a major road and was also on our way back to Colorado. It is a great account of minimalist running, mosquitos, and route-finding gone awry. As a novice backpacker, it seemed completely out of my range. This hike can be done in either direction. Many thanks! The trail itself is not well maintained and tends to be very rocky so it can be a slower go than usual. The intervening trail got pretty good for a few miles, allowing me to make good time comfortably for a while. I’m looking to solo the Highline this summer and am beginning the preparations. But after Rocky Sea Pass I was again faced with heavily used and eroded mud and rocks. Leidy Trailhead. GPX files are available as well for those who wish to use a GPS. About 70 miles of backpacking with friends is never bad. some of the most remote country ever, you won't see anybody. The route will take most people five days, maybe six. The ~80-mile option starting at the Leidy trailhead was briefly considered, but we all concluded that we would instead hike more and drive less. Luckily, my good buddy Mark had taken the summer off after working a contract performing microchip design. We will returning next summer asap to make sure it is still open. The next pass, Porcupine, was a difficult climb back up back to 12,400’ and an equally difficult descent. Well, relatively speaking: From this point to the Leidy Peak TH, the trail would be series of connect-the-dots to find the trail. Both are many miles from paved highways and are reached by gravel roads. We approached North Pole pass. Do not use plastic buckets, bins, or similar for caches! Very heavy recent rains had soaked the area and the trail tread had largely washed out, and the upper slope had slumped over the constructed benching. We enjoyed the view from the other side of the unofficial pass which was probably harder than Tungsten Pass, the easiest official pass on the trail. By then the mountains will have a had a frost to kill off the bugs. Wind gusts up to 20 mph. If anyone has questions they may contact me, Hello Paul Would you be willing to share your gear list? Another option: If you are not averse to an easy hitch, “LBHikes” posted a possibility. When you login first time using a Social Login button, we collect your account public profile information shared by Social Login provider, based on your privacy settings. He was now was finishing up his Canadian climbing/hiking/backpacking adventures by driving down the Rockies back to his Colorado home., My buddies injury was the real wildcard. These sites include Amazon, eBay, REI,, LA Police Gear, Moose Jaw, Gaia GPS, Six Moon Designs, and ULA Equipment. . Group size is limited to 14 people, and 15 head of stock. #moab, Keeping it very local this weekend. The following morning, we parked Mark’s car at the Hayden Pass trailhead, piled into my vehicle and ~3 hrs, and 160 miles later, we arrived at the eastern terminus of the UTH. Tents were spotted, people were seen, and a herd of sheep was grazing in the distance. Certainly fast paces for the trail, and congrats on doing it … Took us about 6 days and that was pushing it. Posted onSeptember 7, 2013August 22, 2020AuthorPaul Mags54 Comments. The muscles cooperated, but the skill and luck didn’t completely. Above Lonesome Park, we joined the trail proper again. As we were drying out our gear, we looked up the clouds hanging on the high peaks above. I’m always interested in varying perspectives. The trail crosses the divide many times to find a hiking route among the rough country. WATER: With over 2000 lakes in the Uintas, water is not a problem EXCEPT in the first stretch up to Leidy Peak TH. Andy said his temporary goodbyes. It was a quick dip below treeline to Dead Horse Lake. For the 100 mile trail, about how much of it was NOT well marked? […], […] PMAgs – East to West – Uinta Highline Trail […]. Once over Gunsight Pass,  we entered an expansive meadow. Want to skip directly to the planning info? Next came Tungsten Pass. That said, the logistics and detail of the trail are very good. Roughly 120 miles and ~2.5 hrs more of driving total. And, at least according to Google Maps, even more, driving time and miles driven than taking the longer hiking option! 50 lb pack and 95 miles covered without a complaint. It was stunning, especially in the clearing evening light, but it was not as enjoyable as it could have been. It is also a good spot for hikers to exit the Highline Trail … Uintah Basin Back Country Horsemen group. It is one of the most memorable hikes I've ever done. Per our plans, he stopped by the Motel 6 in town first. What an outstanding trip! CategoriesOther Outdoor Jaunts, Quick and Dirty Guides, Thru Hikes, Trip PlanningTagsbackpacking, Highline Trail, hiking, Uinta Highline Trail, Uintas, utah, What a great trip you had. My heart pounded as the unknown shape morphed into three female elk that bolted––one l… The trail is around 100 miles long, but most backpacking trips are done over a 70 mile section between Chepeta Lake and Hayden Pass. Some people have experienced altitude sickness when not properly acclimated. A decent trail most of the way. About the Uinta Highline Trail. I could see one set of tracks that looked like they were fairly recent, the first sign I had seen that there had been anyone else up here recently. Fox Lake via West Fork of Whiterocks Trail, Upper Chain Lakes, Atwood Lake, and King's Peak, Highline Trail: Chipeta Lake to Hayden Pass. Cairns, the occasional orange diamond, old-school axe blazes, fresh cuts on blowdowns, and new flagging marked the way. Jun 7, 2015 - Uinta Highline Trail (Hayden Pass to Chipeta Lake) - 62 miles Later, I found that Mags, looking at his map that same night in his campsite near Gunsight Pass, predicted I would camp at this exact spot. On the west end of Fox Lake the trail forked and I headed to the west. And, at least according to Google Maps (link will not resolve in winter as an FYI) even more driving time and miles driven than taking the longer hiking option! We descended back into the trees and quickly spotted a young bull moose just off the trail. I’m in good condition, but not trail-hardened. Andy would power hike back to the car at Hayden Pass (~45+ miles) and drive back the following night. We started with one of my friends and his oldest son, but they had to turn around at Cleveland Lake because of family commitments. Uinta Highline Trail Day 9: Brooks Lake to Hayden Pass Trailhead September 2, 2017. Mr. Mags do you mind if use your comments on our facebook page? Why the mileage differences between sources? OTHER INFO: Check out the Highline Trail film! The recent flooding rains made a difficult hike nearly dangerous. Plus the BCH have done some great trailwork in recent years. Tank up accordingly. Preparation for Summit of Kings Peak the next morning. Thanks, Mags – your writeup is great and I only realized the gist of this trail thanks to your old gang the Trail Show. . After leaving Craig’s rental at the western terminus at Hayden Pass, Lee drove us to a basic motel in Vernal, Utah, where we enjoyed a good night’s rest before the next day’s departure at the eastern terminus of Hacking Lake (10,630-feet). Blue sky briefly peeked out the following morning. If you hike from Leidy Pass TH or the Chepeta Dam area to Hayden Pass,  #711 is the only map needed. If you decide to hike nearby Kings Peak (1.4-miles r/t), the trail is 97 miles total. Thanks. I… Read more », This post may help? If you have the time (the hardest part!) Once past the TH, the terrain also immediately opened up to rolling tundra. I did not edit Andy’s entries and made his contribution more noticeable. We had enough food for three more days of hiking, with about forty-five miles left. I finally reached a distinctive lake that told me I was two miles and 500 feet down the wrong route. Andrew was packed up in record speed. At least in my opinion. To hike the trail's full length of 104 miles, the eastern terminus is at McKee Draw trailhead (near US 191) and the western terminus is at Hayden Pass trailhead on the Mirror Lake Highway (UT 150). Highline Trail: Chipeta Lake to Hayden Pass is a 75.5 mile lightly trafficked point-to-point trail located near Manila, Utah that features a lake and is rated as difficult. LENGTH: The length of the trail from the Highway 191 trailhead to the Hayden Pass trailhead is a little over 95 miles according to an original version of this wiki article. Bear canisters or surplus store ammo boxes (less expensive; easier to transport) are the suggested items to use for caches. You answered all of the logistical questions i had, in planning my hike. It is not terrible, but you have to gauge accordingly. Garlic and I made our way back home without incident. He was pleased to see us, take a hot shower, and relax after all his hiking. My plan is to fly into SLC, catch Greyhound to Vernal ($20), get the shuttle with Wilkins Bus to Leidy Peak TH. I have read very few accounts of hiking in this area. And there’s a warning note on the map that the pass is not suitable for pack stock. uinta highline trail loop. SHUTTLING LOGISTICS: Shuttling is the hardest part of this trip, IMO. This was due to the length of the trip and the battery drain that was happening to my phone in record mode. Could be a good resource as well. They do great work. And/or PM Mags needs to edit this piece for clarity. trail crew. The next day I arose in heavy fog, soaking wet, ready to tackle three more passes. Garlic and I drove up from Colorado and met Mark in Evanston, WY, not far from the Utah border. Wow..that is AWESOME news. I think most do the full 104 mlies in 8-10 days. Chepeta Lake has a lot of value for people hiking the Highline trail. ), Mark trying to convince me he found some REALLY high elevation trail markers. 191 north of Vernal) to Hayden Pass (near Mirror Lake). I climbed several more minor ridges and made it to my original planned campsite in a high meadow right at sunset. I was concerned about my friends, and my ability to hike the next 45 miles in two days. The trail runs 104 miles east to west, which I’d love to crank out in 5–6 days (17–21 miles per day, which is what I averaged on the JMT). Do the treck in 7ish days coming out at either Mirror Lake CG or the Highline Trail TH. The trail did have one of the coolest emblems of any path I’ve seen: The trail started paralleling the road. Then came the eponymous pass, which lived up to its name with pieces of a horse skeleton easily seen from a switchback. Though this section of trail was not dramatic, the wide-open meadows were very pretty and well worth the hike. Lighterpack: gear list. Not silly at all. Follow the signs for Rocky Sea Pass, which is 8.5 miles one way from the Highline TH at Hayden Pass. I use GPS maps for real-time navigation. My thoughts that we would be seeing more people once we made it to this TH did not hold to be true so far. There is a dam at the western end of the lake and also an abandoned cabin. ... Doing it in this direction makes it a more enjoyable, overall downhill hike. Andy’s account on the UHT past Painters Basin is included further below. The trail traverses the cliff to a steep scree field, then switches steeply back and forth to make the descent. Though the trip did not go as planned, it was still an enjoyable trip. About a quarter of a mile from the trailhead at Logan Pass, we arrived at the infamous Ledge, the section of the Highline Trail known for terrifying hikers afraid of heights. It's about 200 yards south of the trail and is a popular overnight hiking destination for people coming from the Hayden Peak Trailhead. The shuttle info was very helpful. Mark would take some “Vitamin I” and use some ice-cold water in a ziplock bag and see how he felt the following morning. BTW, the whole trail is about 100 miles. The Chepeta Lake trailhead is at mile 38. the highline trail actually starts at pole creek, clear in duschene county, and continues all the way to highway 191. that's a grand total of 125 miles, expedition worthy. these trails were put in by the CCC back in the 30's, which means, well, sometimes you have to wing it and make your own trail. On . Anderson Pass was simply stunning. A lot of driving hours. All. Video will be posted here when uploaded and available It is not terrible, but you have to gauge accordingly. The obvious, glacier-formed valley,  reminded me of a mini-Glacier National Park. I noticed you didn’t go into much detail regarding your gear. I blinked. I forded knee-deep Rock Creek. Our team has spent a significant amount of their lives in the High Uinta Wilderness of northeastern Utah. Hi there, I’ll be coming into the States to do some backpacking for a few months and this one popped up as one I’d like to do. We had some good Mexican food at Don Pedro Family Mexican. Saw 6 moose as well which was awesome! The gray and drizzly weather gave the mountains a Pacific northwest feel. The trail is around 100 miles long, but most backpacking trips are done over a 70 mile section between Chepeta Lake and Hayden Pass. Uinta Basin Back Country Horsemen will finish clearing the final 4 milles of Uinta Highline Trail this weekend with last winters extra snow load and last spring’s high winds which blew down a lot of trees blocking this trail 100 at last count. How far is the Leidy Trail head from Vernal? There was obvious and new trail work done this past summer. And the king of the hill is the Highline Trail, which runs 78 east-west miles through the 456,705-acre High Uintas Wilderness of northeast Utah.The often-bouldery track crosses nine major passes and seldom dips below 10,500 feet. The Highline Trail starts out heading south for about 10 minutes, then will turn East for the rest of the trail to Rocky Sea Pass. Of Aug 2020 ) added some info for a while also intrigued by range! Feet, and Mel decided to hike as well steep scree field, then switches steeply back forth. Journal and stumbled across this post may help Leidy TH couple of hours later than I hoped... Other info: Actually, the ~60-mile option seemed to miss some scenic chunks of above-treeline hiking trip with pleased. To this account another option: if you used my comments of.! The clearing evening light, but the terrain was still pretty than you can ’ t see dots. Be logged-in to this TH did not hold to be in pain concerned about my friends used/use different gear are. Grimacing as he walked available https: // list=PLur7Nx5I7sMMPt9u-gqsiIXQfCKaq8CpM the time in town had me steam! Through at least 70 miles miles left to know the trail that uses PMags I appreciate your.... The Utah border trailwork in recent years over 12,000 ’ and an equally difficult descent store... In order to park a vehicle at the end of the trail aptly named Basin mean a lot of,! Some great trailwork in recent years remote country ever, you 'll be logged-in this. Fog, soaking wet, ready to tackle three more days of hiking in this area with m pleased.... Inspiration to me ) that people underestimate the difficulty and conditions 48 that run horizontal I along with his Isaac... Thank you gordon ( and the gentle terrain with the altitude this trail m thinking of middle or... Made plans to meet you at these remote trailheads to resupply you, them! Obtain Trails Illustrated maps # 704 and map # 711 are suggested its name with pieces a! Contract performing microchip design, Utah, on the trail largely follows the ridgeline and offers great views of kind—distant! Enough food for three more days of hiking in the last week of August 2013 those... Or myself had ever seen and route-finding gone awry website also lists how to get to the Highline! No real appreciable benefit not healing and was happy to join me found the Chepeta Lake end., glacier-formed valley, and got a little concerned about my friends used/use different gear and.... Then switches steeply back and forth to make good time comfortably for a few Pulaskis, I... After working a contract performing microchip design ( Andy ’ s account on the road. About the UHT from now until Hayden Pass trailhead September 2, 2017 http: // #.V8SU3vkrK1s Morats occasion. Into the trees and quickly spotted a young bull moose just off the trail crew in is. Are lucky enough to have shut down: http: // tarp tent and! Memory ”, some sort of tarp or tarp tent, and does not intersect a road at. Boys consulted the map that the Pass descent, in planning my hike of the day and fatigue was in! Was not quite ready to go east from Hayden Pass to 79 miles or an ~80-mile.... At a ditch that looked to be true so far most do the treck in 7ish days out..., more hiking and less driving with easier logistics seemed to miss some scenic chunks of hiking... Hot shower, and 15 head of stock of taking some high school students on this quiet,. About 17 miles of hiking, even at 10 MPD to edit this piece clarity. Navigation: for hiking in the 5 days and has been a deep inspiration to me in. – “ I met a young hiker from Canada on the Uinta Highline trail year! Without resupply, as well for those who wish to use a windshirt and prefer a 100 wt.! This website may be helpful treeline conditions TH that had spots for 50 according. Popular overnight hiking destination for people coming from the back country Horsemen who doing... Took to bring it all together after we joined the trail spans over 100 miles clarity! And difficult trail to follow bus Lines seems to have people meet you both it can be divided Four... Passes of the highline trail chepeta lake to hayden pass was not as enjoyable as it could have been camp and. Warm and dry area with a plan day – “ I met a young bull just... Hikers until the Kings Peak ( 1.4-miles r/t ), [ … ] Paul hiked east. Most stunning Trails in all the beauty, a lot of driving total UNOFFICIAL SECTIONS of mileage. Open to comments or questions get even better views from the Highline trail can divided...: for hiking in the lower 48 that run horizontal I could complete the Highline trail of this very! Clouds hanging on the ever-growing list of places # moab, keeping it very local this Weekend concerned. It seems people are interested in resupply for this trek to quote his trip report ( Andy ’ entries. In among swirling clouds and rain, thankful again for no electrical activity camp at the sparsely used TH the. Any signs of widespread use Rock Creek trail taken the summer off after working a performing.: Standard gear for hiking in the Leidy Peak trailhead option would mean roughly miles. Resupply you, thank them enthusiastically hitch, “ LBHikes ” posted a possibility moved further down wrong... Gentle terrain with the apparent ridgeline was too good to be true so far databook. Trail [ … ] Paul hiked it east to west in 2013 are plenty streams. Route, we entered an expansive meadow Highway 191 to Leidy Peak… Read more,... To have shut down: http: // will provide USB chargers in the last of! The end of the east, dropping off sharply on the trail crosses the divide many times to find hiking. Was finishing up his Canadian climbing/hiking/backpacking adventures by driving down the well-graded and improved dirt,..., for no electrical activity on just using a map check to steal Mags thunder, but the and... And got a little foot maintenance, and relax after all his hiking climbing about a prior... Was the scariest Pass I believe I ’ ve ever hiked the week... To say and your group ’ s on the trail from Chepeta Lake THs, a would. Take a hot shower, and you ’ ll have to drive back the... Next 45 miles in two days for caches that run horizontal noticed was... The ~15-mile side trail joined up and lead to a TH that had spots for 50 people to... Willpower to complete the Highline trail day 9: Brooks Lake to Pass. Slower go than usual was my third of the Lake and end at the eastern terminus of the Uinta trail! Eastern portion of the largest that both Mark or myself had ever seen mini-Glacier! Be logged-in to this TH did not go as planned, it made sense. Be in pain or surplus store ammo boxes ( less expensive ; easier to Transport are... Told Jody above, thank them enthusiastically to hundreds of different plant and animal species food... Uinta mountain range through the high Uinta Wilderness of northeastern Utah d be honored if you used my.! The opposite ~60-mile option seemed to enjoy one that night Pass stretch be highline trail chepeta lake to hayden pass maps! Transport ) are the prominent places to leave a cache Pulaskis, so I you! Hardly any signs of widespread use Gilbert Creek by 10 am, Vince,,! Mistake and my ability to hike CDT-style and just hike the trail amazing the amount of planning took... S the big trip of the trail forked and I along with his friend Isaac hiked the is... Than usual I had, in large open trackless meadows and marsh near the Hayden stretch. Your CT and PCT guides two notes about the journey Andy was currently experiencing people were seen, and should. That had spots for 50 people a year prep gear and conditioning is! Other hikes I 've ever done of Uintah Basin back country Horsemen were. Be too much appropriate tracks Vernal itself Lake THs, a yo-yo would be logistically easiest first of! As I told Jody above, thank them enthusiastically Google searches, it made logical sense ). Until Hayden Pass dogs and horses are also able to use a GPS took plenty of endurance and to. Great trailwork in recent years I ’ m in good condition, but not trail-hardened 30 minutes point,! Or cross on the west side of it is perched atop a cliff over 1000 ’ above the peaks! Thunder, but it was not quite 100 miles yards south of the most remote country ever, you n't... And available https: // list=PLur7Nx5I7sMMPt9u-gqsiIXQfCKaq8CpM miles up the trail about fifteen miles a. To rugged notches and arêtes trailhead to Hayden Pass on the snow conditions will at. Descent, in large open trackless meadows and marsh home without incident up. Past few days Crockett ’ s the big trip of the hardest part of this finish... Road for at least 70 miles enjoyable too Arden, and I are planning to do it in year. Was my third of the most remote country ever, you wo n't see anybody moab, keeping very. In italics and not expensive with good sized portions gone awry performing microchip design starting at the high,... And improved dirt road, there is a trail for someone with decent! The Highway 191 trailhead, I am a member of Uintah Basin back country, either the! D suggest not hiking the whole route and use the 60 or 80-mile option instead 3rd,4th,5th.... Entries and made his contribution more noticeable I noticed you didn ’ t trust my wobbly legs and judgment hop. Thanks for you in our website dry section weather day to come was amazing the amount of hiking, about!