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4 Advanced Facebook Ad Hacks For Small Budgets

February 16, 2017

By Michael Erickson Facchin


I’m a huge fan of how easy Facebook has made it to advertise on their platform. You can create a campaign with zero experience and have it submitted to Facebook Ad Approvers within minutes. It’s truly a powerful time we live in.

Want to know what’s not amazing? The fact that there are some incredibly profitable elements that 99% of Facebook Advertisers don’t know about. In this post, I’m going to help you:

  • Find the ads that work best for you
  • Find the audience segments that work best for you
  • Spend your money in the smartest, most strategic way possible
  • Improve your interest targeting

With these tips, you’ll be able to eliminate the unprofitable parts of your campaigns, find the hidden gems, and massively improve your targeting.

Split Test Your Ads for Maximum Profit

Want to run the same campaign but double your results? Then you better be split testing your ads. The visual nature of Facebook can cause one ad to perform very differently from another ad.The above screenshot is a 7-day period from an ad set using all the same targeting for the same product. The only difference between ads A, B, and C is the image itself.

The results are three ads that performed incredibly different:

  • Ad A: Photo of a model wearing the product: 5.0% CTR & $4.74 CPA
  • Ad B: Photo of the product against white background: 5.4% CTR & $10.01 CPA
  • Ad C: Split photo of model & product: 3.0% CTR & $6.65 CPA

Had I just launched one ad (Ad B), my CPA would end up being more than double my best ad!

Want to find the perfect combination of ads that will give you the lowest CPA and highest profit? Here’s how we do it at Search Scientists:

  • Start with at least five images per ad set.
  • Write at least two ad texts
  • Write at least two headlines
  • From here, you’ll have 5 x 2 x 2 = 20 ads.

Check your Facebook Reporting every 24 hours, and begin pausing ads with the lowest performing combinations.

It takes time to optimize this way, but you can see from the example, the results can be incredible if you take the time to create ads in this manner.

Segment Your Reporting Data

When it comes to optimizing paid traffic accounts, I like to follow a simple (and fairly obvious) rule: Do more of what works, and do less of what doesn’t work.

 It’s a simple principle that can have a massive impact in your Facebook Ads Account when applied consistently.

Let’s say we had a target of $75 cost per website conversion in the above campaign. When we open up the data for the campaign, we see a $106 CPA, should we give up and pause the campaign? Not without digging deeper!

Navigate to Reports > Breakdown. Here, you can discover the easiest way to find opportunity in your account. Turn off the poor performing areas, and allocate the budget towards the profitable parts of your account. In the example above, I’d be turning off several age groups, and would instantly be …read more

Source:: Social Media Explorer