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4 Ways To Use Facebook Live For Driving Traffic And Subscribers To Your Website

January 26, 2017

By Jawad Khan

With more than 1.7 billion monthly active users, Facebook already gives marketers better reach and audience insights than any other platform on the web. But now we have Facebook Live, and with it comes the first time in history that marketers can get face to face with their audience. It’s a new era for both engagement and traffic, when done correctly. Here’s how.

Why Live is B-i-g

Live has turned ordinary people into influencers, and influencers into superstars.

As a result, more video content is being created on Facebook than ever before and it’s starting to realistically threaten the dominance of YouTube as the undisputed number 1 video platform on the web.

According to a recent study, Facebook Live videos are generating 3x more engagement as compared to the recorded content:

Source: Facebook Video Stats 2016

For marketers, this is exciting news. The top marketers and bloggers in most niches are using Facebook Live to not only engage with their audiences more frequently, but also to drive more traffic to their content and to turn viewers into email subscribers. This is the best time to get on board since Facebook’s newsfeed algorithm currently gives more organic exposure to live videos than other types of content.

Not sure how you can take advantage? Here are a few examples to help you.

1. Ask Your Audience To Suggest New Content Ideas

Successful bloggers aren’t superhuman.

They’re just better at identifying the biggest pain points of their audience and creating content that comprehensively answers every question their readers have.

With Facebook Live, now you can do it as well.

Start a live video stream and directly ask your audience about the topics that bother them the most about their business. Understand their needs, take notes and generate new ideas based on their feedback.

The content created as a result of reader feedback will not only be more useful and targeted, but will also generate much more interest and traffic.

99Designs, a leading logo and graphic design platform, used the same strategy to create a popular post on their blog on logo design trends in 2017:

While researching for New Year content idea, they went live on their Facebook page and asked their audience for feedback.

The result, a well-researched post with exactly the content their audience was looking for.

2. Create Anticipation for Your Upcoming Content With Facebook Live

One of the most innovative ways content marketers are using Facebook Live is by creating anticipation for their upcoming content. Instead of publishing content and then looking for traffic, they follow the opposite strategy and focus on creating excitement among their followers.

Need examples? In a recent interview with Michael Hyatt, Kim Garst, a leading social media expert, shared how she used Facebook Live and Periscope to get her fans excited about her soon-to-be published blog posts 10 or 15 min before publishing a new post, Kim would go live on Facebook and discus some of the best tips from her post. She’d get the audience fully engaged and invite questions …read more

Source:: Social Media Explorer