5 Key Graphic Design Elements for Paid Campaigns

September 23, 2021

By Neil Patel

Think about the number of ads you see in an average day. Can you remember them all? Don’t worry if the answer’s no. After all, the average person sees up to 10,000 ads per day across the internet!

Let me ask you an easier question. Think about the last marketing campaign you can remember. The last ad that made you sit up and take notice. What about the ad caught your attention?

Chances are, you’ve got something visual in mind. Whether it’s an image, video, or interactive picture, I bet you remember something about the aesthetic—the graphic design.

See, graphic design is about communication: sending the right message to your intended audience and showcasing what’s special about your brand. Let me show you why graphic design matters in paid ad campaigns and the types of elements you can use to craft stand-out ads.

The Importance of Graphic Design in Paid Campaigns

Honestly, there are so many reasons why visual elements work in ad campaigns. However, we’ve narrowed it down to three main reasons graphic design is crucial to paid campaigns, whatever niche you’re in.

For starters, graphic design allows you to make a great first impression with your target audience. It sets the tone for how a prospect perceives your brand. Do first impressions really matter, though?

Sure. Just think about how much competition is out there, for one thing. Stand out from the crowd by setting a professional, positive first impression with eye-catching designs.

Secondly, graphic design helps reinforce your brand identity. It allows you to tell your brand story in a unique, creative way designed to grab a prospect’s attention. You can use a series of consistent, connected ads to really drive home your desired messaging and shape your audience’s perspective of what your company stands for.

Finally, great visuals speak louder than words. They transcend language and cross boundaries to communicate strong, effective messages to a target audience.

The key takeaway? Graphic design helps you craft content that attracts attention and sticks in a prospect’s mind long after the content disappears from their screen.

Graphic design sounds great, right? It is, but bear in mind some words of caution: While great visuals can do wonders for your brand, poor graphic design can leave a bad impression.

Stick with high-quality, professional graphic elements, and keep your messaging consistent: It takes five to seven interactions for someone to remember a brand, so make it easier by communicating consistently.

Not sure where to start with graphic design? You have two main options. If your budget stretches to it, you might want to hire a professional company to help you design great graphics. Alternatively, there are numerous graphic design tools you can use to create your designs in-house.

5 Key Graphic Design Elements in Paid Campaigns

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