5 Little-Known Tips for Improving the Performance of Your Campaigns [Infographic]

December 26, 2016

By Johnathan Dane


Let’s say you’re climbing the performance chart that reflects your ad campaigns. After all that hard work and PPC strategizing you put toward improving your performance grade, how steep is the climb looking? Is it an easy or tough climb?

Some of us come off as natural all-star rock climbers, while others are left frigid, timid, and stuck to the crevices of the wall.

What’s the secret? As with most things: proper training. And if you don’t have any, don’t worry — there’s still hope.

We here at KlientBoost have partnered up with HubSpot to bring you some rock solid tactics that you can use to get a grip on the whole PPC thing.


The Iceberg Effect: Gain More Control Over Your PPC Campaign

The search terms that you end up paying for and the keywords that you’re actually targeting don’t always line up the way you want.

Too often we see the “Iceberg Effect” in action, where miscellaneous search terms below the surface are tacked onto keywords that we think are working properly in our ad campaigns. It gives us an unhealthy search to keyword ratio that might look something like this:

Iceberg Effect.png

Not being in control of all those search terms? Not ideal. With a search term to keyword discrepancy ratio of 132:1, it can be challenging to continually improve your clickthrough rates and lower your cost-per-click averages.

How do you gain control of this icy situation? We use something called Single Keyword Ad Groups (SKAGs) to shoot for a 1:1 ratio of search terms to keywords, allowing for more control over the entire ad group.

Here’s what a non-SKAGs search term report might look like:


It’s not that any of these search terms are bad, it’s that each search term has a different conversion and sales rate. And by keeping them as search terms and not turning them into keywords, you will never be able to control them to take your PPC campaigns to the next level.

So what does a search term report look like if we use this granular PPC tactic and use SKAGs?


Everything in the search term column matches the keyword column. With the SKAGs tactic, you can get super granular and isolate one variable at a time, which means you have more control over your entire PPC account.

And with the ability to lower your search term to keyword ratio to 1:1, you can take it one step further and do the same from keyword to ad. When this happens, you’re able to increase your clickthrough rate, which in turn:

  • Increases your quality score
  • Decreases your cost-per-click
  • Increases your impression share
  • Improves your average position

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Source:: HubSpot Blog


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