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6 of the Best Messaging Apps for Different Scenarios

February 09, 2017

By Amanda Zantal-Wiener

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Anyone remember AIM — previously known as AOL Instant Messenger?

I do. I remember downloading it to get through hours of a high school computer science class. I remember insisting to my parents that, no, it wasn’t a distraction from my homework — even though, you know, of course it was. And, I remember when it pretty much stood alone in the world of instant messaging technology.

Those days are gone. Now, we have a plethora of instant messaging options — at your computer or on your phone. And with more people using mobile as the primary method of getting online, it makes sense that there’s a growing number of instant messaging apps. Download our free guide here to learn how to design your own mobile-friendly  website.

But are any of these apps better than the others? As it turns out, that depends on the scenario — like if you’re traveling overseas, trying to communicate at cruising altitude, or just want to send a text message without a cellular connection. We found some of the best messaging apps for a variety of scenarios, and make our recommendations below.

6 of the Best Messaging Apps for Different Scenarios

1) WhatsApp

When to Use It: While Traveling Abroad

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HubSpot currently has offices in five cities. Much of the time, our employees travel between offices, especially when we all come together for INBOUND in Boston. And during those events, we have to communicate with each other, usually via mobile. But there’s a problem — sending SMS messages while abroad often results in a hefty roaming charge, and international dialing from mobile devices can be complex if you don’t have a specific wireless plan that allows it.

That’s why WhatsApp is such a popular app among our traveling colleagues. It works particularly well for folks without international data or dialing plans, since it’s free to use over WiFi.

WhatsApp is most popular for its text messaging capabilities, but includes features that allow users to place voice calls and send photos over a wireless connection, avoiding mobile international calling fees. But be careful — if you become disconnected from WiFi and haven’t disabled your device’s data roaming option, you could be charged by your wireless carrier for using the app over a cellular connection.

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2) Hangouts

When to Use It: When You Already Use Google Voice

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Hangouts, made by Google, tends to be a better option for people who already use its suite of products for, say, business. Its biggest differentiator from Allo is its ability to make calls — it works well if you have an established phone number with Google Voice, and want to use that to make calls or send SMS messages. But you …read more

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