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7 Insider Tools to Get Famous on Instagram Overnight

January 19, 2017

By Stacey Marone

With over  600 million users, Instagram has never been a better place to grow your brand. But if you’ve tried the site yourself you’re likely all too aware how hard it can be to get noticed (no matter how many perfect hashtags you find!). Don’t fret, below is a list of the best ‘insider’ tools marketers are using to get insta-famous practically overnight.

Try them yourself, but don’t forget about us when you’re a social media celebrity.

1. A Color Story

Instagram is all about the images, so you need to make sure your images leave a lasting impression on each viewer. remember, the average instagram post is viewed for just 2 seconds!

A Color Story to give your images a consistent and signature look. This can help distinguish your brand and make your images look more professional. You don’t need to know anything about image editing, either. You can easily enhance and fine tune your images using any of the five basic filters available with the free version.

If you are feeling a bit more adventurous, you can spring for all the available filters for $7.99. It would be best to stick to just one or two filters, however, to keep your look consistent.

2. Crowdfire

In most cases, more is better and having as many people following you as possible is certainly an advantage.

However, in your efforts to promote your account, you may have to do a little tidying up. This tool can help you identify people you followed that did not follow you back, so you can unfollow them, and users that unfollowed you.

More importantly, you can see who followed you that you haven’t followed back, follow users that follow specific accounts, and get a list of new followers on your account.

Essentially, this tool helps you separate the chaff from the wheat.

3. SnapWidget

Your Instagram account is there to promote your website, but you can also promote your Instagram account to anyone who visits your site.

You can do this by embedding your Instagram posts using this tool. This adds a code to your blog or website and automatically updates your latest photos from your account. You can choose a photo map, slideshow, or a grid to display your feeds,

4. Social Insight

Your marketing efforts is only as good as what the numbers show. In your promotion of your Instagram account, you need to know if you are doing it right. Social Insight is a web-based tool for analyzing your growth for one or more of your Instagram accounts. It looks over your past history and helps you decide when is the best time to post for better engagement. It also shows you 28 data points, which includes the number of followers you have and lost over any given time, and the most engaging posts.


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Source:: Social Media Explorer