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7 Resolutions Your School's Marketing Department Should Make

January 05, 2017

By (Sam Balter)

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It’s once again that time of year for taking a good look at the lessons we’ve learned from our marketing efforts and resolving what we will, or won’t, do again in 2017:

1) Less Bulk Email

Your prospects want to know you see them. Personalized emails provide 6x the transaction rates as generic email. Yet the bar for what qualifies as “personalized” is getting higher. Personalization no more precise than segmenting your list into prospects and parents of prospects doesn’t meet expectations. Your prospects want to feel that you see them as an individual. That means knowing what questions they have, whether they prefer Instagram to Twitter, or even Facebook, and send them videos, not reports. When you collect information through their digital behavior and optimized online forms, put that intel to use when customizing the content you email individuals.

2) Better communication with Enrollment/Admissions

This is a symbiotic relationship. The stronger the relationship between Marketing and Admissions, the more effective both departments are. Admissions folks are great sources of intel regarding what current prospects’ pressing questions are, or understanding why applicants do and don’t enroll. Their frontline knowledge on these issues can help you craft a topic list that will have traction. Work together to define what is an admissions qualified lead (AQL). If you don’t already have an service level agreement (SLA), 2017 is the year to put one together with your colleagues. It provides the framework for mutual support, open communication, and shared goals.

3) Stop posting just for the sake of posting

You have a blog to keep fresh and an extensive editorial calendar to execute! The drive to publish often leads to publishing whatever you can think of. But guess work is so 2013.

You need to publish new posts regularly. The more you publish blog posts, the more traffic and leads you drive to your website. Here’s the critical caveat: are you attracting traffic and leads that fit your personas? You don’t want just any old eyeballs. If you want to attract your ideal students and their parents, you must publish posts they actually want to read. You need to address their most pressing concerns, answer their burning questions, be a resource for the information they seek. Revisit your keyword research to reflect those burning questions, and what words they’re using to ask them. Analyze your internal data to see which blog post topics are attracting the types of prospects you want. Freshen those up and use them as a starting point to brainstorm new post topics.

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4) It’s not all about you

Not that your school isn’t fabulous. It is. But the hard truth is that most people aren’t terribly interested in your school. Their single focus is making sure they get the best education for themselves or their kids. In the early …read more

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