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7 Tips for Making Your Transactional Emails More Personal

April 21, 2016
Aaron Polmeer

By (Nathan Miller)


As marketers, the gospel of “value” is drilled into our heads before we write our first blog post. Providing value to site visitors, prospects, and customers is the cornerstone of inbound marketing, but it’s easy to forget about transactional emails.

As consumers, we receive transactional emails constantly, and frequently read and interact with them, so why are they ignored by so many inbound marketers? While promotional emails seem to drive the most traffic and results, odds are you are missing out on a great opportunity to improve your transactional emails by making them more personal.

Wait, what are transactional emails?

Most marketing emails are either promotional or transactional. Promotional emails are usually tied to specific campaign goals and are custom built for targeted delivery to promote a specific product or service from your company. For a B2B company, a promotional email could share a new ebook you’ve written or service you’re offering. For B2C ecommerce companies, a promotional email could be announcing a sale or new product line.

Transactional emails are received automatically after certain events through your site. Emails like order confirmations, shipping notifications, password recovery, and event reminders are all examples of transactional emails. We all receive plenty of these types of email, and it’s easy to overlook how integral they are to a great user experience and how making them more personal can go a long way towards retaining current customers and gaining new ones.

Shouldn’t I spend my time on my promotional emails?

While you may be tempted to focus all your energy on your promotional emails, the fact is that transactional emails are always going to get opened more. From Experian’s Transactional Email Report:

“Customers engage with transactional emails such as order, shipping and return/ exchange notifications at a much higher rate than they do with promotional and branding-focused campaigns. It is clear from the total open rates that customers open transactional emails repeatedly. The exceptionally high open and click rates underscore the opportunity for companies to cross-sell products and services to highly engaged customers through transactional emails.”

When you order something from Amazon, you might open your confirmation email a dozen times while it’s being shipped to check on its progress. Just think about the opportunity that level of open rates and interaction gives you to provide personalized value to the reader.

While promotional emails are great to jumpstart interest in something new from your company, because people are expecting transactional emails after they sign up/order/request something, they are much more likely to open them, giving you a great chance to optimize and improve that experience.

So what are those seven tips to make my transactional email more personal?

1) Actually personalize the email

That means it includes the recipient’s name. It’ll help your email actually get delivered, and who doesn’t like seeing their name? If you’re sending an eCommerce email, it’s easy to get the name dropped in from the order. If you’re sending a B2B …read more

Source:: HubSpot Blog