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7 Ways to Create Helpful Content for Boring Industries

February 23, 2016

By Brady Mason

7 Ways to Create Helpful Content for Boring Industries

Although certain industries may be conceded as dull or ho-hum, many of these industries lead our economy in capital growth and demand. Insurance, finance, and telecommunications for example, have flooded the marketplace with day-to-day products and services that each of us consume.

With such a lucrative opportunity to target the masses, how do these industries create captivating content that is interactive and conversion driven?

Understand & Engage Your Audience

It is vital to understand and speak to your audience in a way that is personable and actionable. Take Esurance’s unofficial Super Bowl 50 ad campaign for starters. They were able to generate more Twitter mentions than any other company without even launching their ads during the heat of the game. How? They did something no one else thought of. They ran a contest. A contest in which they gave away just over $1 million to 17 people.

Their contest was successful for various reasons, but most importantly, they understood what it took to engage their viewers. Sarah Evans, Esurance social media communications specialist, describes why they chose to target an audience through Twitter. She said, “No one these days is just watching the TV. We’re surrounded by technology. We know the only way into somebody’s house, into somebody’s life, is not just through the TV screen, but through handheld devices and social media.” This strategy exemplifies their ability to understand the demographics and common trends of human behavior. Within your industry there will be ways for you to do the same. Before launching a campaign, be sure to analyze your target markets, different demographics, and cater your message to their specific behaviors.

Diversify your Content

Quality and diversification of content will help define your value as a product or service in your given space. Take the time to make your content visually appealing, reader-friendly, and backed by credible sources. Contests are just one way to add that value, but there’s more to it. Use infographics, testimonials, reviews, customer service portals, video content, and press releases to stand out as an expert to the rest of us. If you’ve started a business or belong to an existing business, ask yourself, “Why do you believe in the product?” What makes you different than your competitors? Answering those questions is the easiest way to ignite your creative juices and deliver a message that’s unique.

Fall in Love with Video

If you’ve been following the transformations of social media, and digital media for that matter, you already know video content is the next big thing. YouTube, Snapchat, Facebook, Periscope, etc., have all focused their UX on video production. Gary Vaynerchuck, entrepreneur and owner of VaynerMedia, is an avid believer in the rise of video marketing. From the words of Gary, “No matter what you’re selling, no matter what your company does, if you don’t have a video marketing strategy for the biggest video platforms, you are going to lose.”

Video marketing is personable, more entertaining, and continuously progressing. Just like any publication process, it is important to follow a …read more

Source:: Social Media Explorer