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9 Questions to Ask Before Creating Another Social Media Account

May 26, 2016
Aaron Polmeer

By (Chelsea Hunersen)


The social landscape today looks a lot different than it did last year … or even last month. As soon as your figure out a successful strategy on one channel, another one shows up and begins to demand your attention.

Sound familiar?

For a lot of marketers, determining exactly where and when to spend your precious resources (read: bandwidth and money) can be a challenge. That’s why it helps to have a plan in place for considering your options.

At HubSpot, we’ve developed a series of questions to help folks determine if it’s really time to create a new social media account. So if you’re struggling to figure out whether or not you’re ready to expand your social presence, take some time to run through the list below. We’ve got a feeling it’ll help.

9 Questions to Ask Before Creating Another Social Media Account

1) Is my persona on this network?

Different social networks have different user bases — even the major ones. For example, 72% of adult internet users are on Facebook, while only 25% are on LinkedIn, according to Pew Research Center. Each of those networks attract users for different reasons, and cater to different user behavior.

Just because a network is hot right now, doesn’t mean you should be using it. The key is to figure out where your personas are engaging on social media and figure out a strategy for connecting with them there. (Don’t have personas yet? Check out our persona templates to get started.)

Note: Keep in mind that the personas you’re targeting might differ between departments. For example, your recruiting department may be looking to engage with different folks than your marketing department.

2) Will this account fill a need that is different from one of my other accounts?

If you have a social channel for your company already, you likely already have an audience that’s interested in receiving your content and updates. Congrats, that’s hard work.

When you start a new account, you are building that audience all over. Don’t do the work for nothing. Unless there is specific content that your audience cannot receive in the original area, or there is a need to serve a new user base, there might not be reason enough to create another account.

In other words, don’t create a need for a new segment if it isn’t already there. Creating a new account should be to drive a business need, not to create one from scratch.

3) Do I have the time required to build an account?

If you are going to have a handle represent your brand it is important for that handle to be meeting the expectations of the customers. Most commonly that means building a sizable following and consistently posting to the account. Otherwise, the handle can look inconsistent with your other handles — or worse, dormant.

That being said, it takes time to build and publish …read more

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