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Top 7 SEO Trends That Will Rule In 2017

January 16, 2017
Aaron Polmeer

SEO Trends 2017The year 2016 was full of advanced developments and so will be 2017.

Have you planned your SEO strategy for a success in 2017?

Not Yet…

Then check out the top 7 SEO trends that will rule in 2017 to plan the SEO strategies accordingly.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

In 2016, there was too much emphasis on Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs) and this will rise in 2017 as well. So it’s time to focus on this SEO trend in planning your strategy. AMP is an initiative taken by Google by delivering the web content faster in mobile devices using ten times lesser data. There are two main benefits of using AMPs. First is the great user experience and the second is the improvement in the rankings and CTR. You simply need to install the AMP WordPress plugin on a WordPress site. After that, test and validate it on Google Search Console.

Mobile Friendly Site

Mobile accessibility will continue to grow in 2017 and mobile optimization will become mandatory. Google is focusing more on mobile first indexing. So if you have an only desktop version site, then you may notice the changes in rankings. If you want to take an advantage of this indexing, then it’s time to focus on building mobile version site. You should target Mobile optimization in your SEO strategy to increase the visitors and traffic to your site.

Rise of Videos

Embedding a video in your content can increase the average duration time on your site. Suppose you have a 1000 word article and 10 visitors read that article and the average time spend on your site is 3 minutes. Now if you embed a 2-minute video in that article and 2 users (out of 10) watch the video for about 1 minute at least. All 10 visitors spend 3 minutes each to read the article of 1000 words and then exit. Now check the average time for that page

“(4 X 2) + (3 X 10)/10 = 3.8 minutes”

So average time on site has increased to 3.8 minutes after embedding video from 3 minutes.

Google gives importance to the average time spend on your site. So this is one of the SEO trends you should plan in 2017.

Quality Content

“Content is always King” so writing high quality and relevant content should always be the priority of your SEO content strategy. In 2017 there will be a rise in content density that means “per word value”. So whether you are writing 5000 words content or 500 words content, the only thing that matters is the value added. If you have added more value to the 500 content, then it will probably rank higher than the content of 5000 words. Also, follow the white hat SEO techniques in your content strategy and its optimization.

Right Keyword Strategy

Your keyword strategy in 2017 should focus on the user intent and long tail keywords. So target the keywords or phrases that the user may type in the form of search queries. According to Rank Brain update, Google will deliver the most relevant search results and it will be the third ranking factor Google will going to consider. According to a study, it has been observed that most of the people use long tail keywords during their search. Use tools like keyword finder and to find the long tail keywords for planning the right SEO keyword strategy. Also, spy the competitor’s keywords by using SEMrush tool and utilize it to rank higher in SERPs.

Schema Mark Up Implementations

Schema markup implementation is becoming increasingly important in SEO trends. It also enhances the SERP listing by featuring as the rich answer or featured snippet. So implement the right schema for organization, event, website, product, person, pricing, reviews, articles, videos according to your requirement. This will increase the click through rates. To know more details, check and implement the JSON-LD code and test it at structured data tools by Google. If it is showing no errors, then you can implement the code for the required schema markup.

Link Earning Techniques

In 2016 after the Google released Penguin Update 4.0, link earning techniques will add more value than bulk link submission. Penguin 4.0 is now a part of Google’s core algorithm and filter the individual pages and penalize it for spam. This penalty will not affect the whole domain authority but the inner pages. If your page ranking is affected in SERPs due to Penguin 4.0, then it’s time to change your link building strategies. So in 2017, focus on link building strategies through personal branding and citations.

Adopt link earning techniques including content outreach methods and exchanging links through relationship building. The strategies to identify broken links and linking your content is also effective. You can also utilize link round-ups, link baiting and guest posts as link earning strategies in 2017. People prefer visual elements so infographic submissions including one link pointing to your website is also an effective link building strategy.

So by following the above SEO trends, plan your strategy today in order to achieve the desired results.

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