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Advanced SEO: The Right Way to Build Links for Organic Growth!

February 21, 2017

By David Reimherr

James Reynolds is the founder of Veravo, which consists of three search engine marketing agencies: SEO Sherpa, SEO Partner, and Click Jam. He is also the host of the Traffic Jam Podcast. James is fanatical about all things search, social, and content on the web, from his blog, to Twitter and LinkedIn. He is a contributor to several leading publications, including Entrepreneur Magazine, and mentors startup companies in his free time. Today, we are going to be talking about link building, done the right way.

David Reimherr:  This topic comes at the right time for me to start talking with somebody like you to clarify some things. I’m excited to dig into all of this, and from looking into everything that you’ve accomplished, and currently do, I think you’re the right person to talk to.

James Reynolds: Let’s hope so. Let’s do it.

Dr: Before we get into examples of how to accomplish getting links built, can you just generally talk about the importance of links? Some people say they’re on board, and you have other people kind of downplay them, but we all know they’re important at the end of the day, so can you kind of dig into that a little bit?

JR: Absolutely. I think the importance is played down a little bit, but let’s not make any mistake. Links are the primary ranking factor that Google use to understand the authority and the relevance of a web page in relation to any particular topic. In effect, what Google is doing with links and how they monitor them is considering links as votes, so any third-party website linking to your own is seen by Google as a vote in their eyes, and generally speaking, the more links that you have to your web page, the higher that page will rank in Google. Now, whilst Google doesn’t actually publish this anywhere, they have mentioned it a few times sort of in passing, and then there have been a whole bunch of studies as well that have really correlated the number of links to a particular website with its ranking in the search results, and I think most recently a few of those have been a really great study by Stone Temple Consulting, and there really is pretty much a direct correlation between the number of links to a web page, and its ranking within Google.

Dr: Thanks for clearing that up, because I know there’s a lot of other ranking factors- how many pages people visit, how long, the dwell time, how long they stay on the site, all those things, and I think Google is downplaying them to kind of get rid of some of the ill-advised practices that were going on. That’s just kind of my guess; you’ve always got to try to read between the lines of why and what Google is doing. That kind of leads to my next question about some confusion about the importance of links. It is the deal with black hat and white hat ways …read more

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