Advertisers Shouldn’t Overlook Social Media Before Or After The Super Bowl

February 11, 2022

By Adam

We’re just days away from the big game – and the Super Bowl remains the one event of the year where many people tune in just to see the commercials. This year, NBC charges $6.5million per 30-second ad spot, up from $5.5million in last year. This is quite a leap from 1967’s first Super Bowl, when both CBS and NBC aired the Super Bowl. The former charged $75,000 for a 60 second spot, while the latter charged $85,000 – unheard of at the time.

For years, Super Bowl ads were often just regular commercials, but that began to change in 1980, when, during Super Bowl 14, the now famous Coca-Cola commercial – titled “Hey Kid, Catch” – in which “Mean” Joe Greene gives his game jersey to a young boy aired. Although it premiered during the NFL fall season 1979, audiences loved it on Super Bowl Sunday.

Only four years later, the first truly game-changing ad was created.

The commercial was Apple’s “1984” advertisement, and it was shown during Super Bowl 18. Directed by film maker Ridley Scott, it had cost about $375,000 to produce – while the average commercial spot that year was $525,000. This was quite a sum considering the company was not yet well-known. However, it was seen by 85 millions people. The spot continues to be one of our most popular commercials.

It was the other way around. 2.Time the advertisement was aired. It was broadcast just before midnight on December 31st 1983 on several western U.S stations so it could qualify for 1984 Clio Awards.

It is also unlike most of the current ads, which can only be seen for a few weeks AfterThe “1984” advertisement was not broadcast once more. You can find it on YouTube.

Advertisements in 2022

Many of today’s biggest ads are now appearing in days leading to major games. Even if there is no excitement in the game, some ads may go viral on social media.

Super Bowl commercials are a great investment because people tend to pay close attention. Some people actually view the Super Bowl with this mindset,” Julianna Kirschner from the USC master of communication management program said.

Kirschner, via email, explained that “but as the prices for Super Bowl ads soars it can become more complicated for organizations as we develop our strategic plans.” The best place to launch and sustain a Super Bowl advertising campaign is social media. Social media is often structured, which means that what someone sees on their social media feeds may differ from what they see in another’s.

Additionally, people who don’tSuper Bowl Sunday ads will not be shown to viewers if they don’t tune in due to the influence and reach of social media.

“The platforms create algorithms that separate people according to what users are interested in seeing. Kirschner stated …read more

Source:: Social Media Explorer