An Insider’s Guide to Influencer Marketing Done Right

October 17, 2016

By Drew Neisser

No matter how many times I’ve dissected the topic of influencer marketing — whether it was in my book with Tami Cannizzaro when she was at IBM, or in a recent interview with Konstanze Alex Brown of Dell — it seems there is always something more to learn.

It’s no wonder I welcomed the opportunity to moderate a discussion on this very topic at the Digital Marketing World Forum Conference (October 18th, 2016) in New York City.

In preparation for this event, I had the pleasure of connecting with Paz Zvick, Director of Direct Marketing Partnerships with I captured her thoughts on what makes a successful influencer program, and the key lessons she’s learned from programs she’s orchestrated. Here’s what she had to say.

Social Media Explorer (SME): What are 3 most important things you consider when evaluating a potential influencer for your brand?

Paz: The most important aspect of a potential influencer is their content. We always look at a potential influencer and ask ourselves “what do they most talk about?” “what are their interests?” We assess every influencer first and foremost by look at his or her content, and evaluate how it matches up with our own brand.

The second thing we look at is the influencer’s demographics (age/gender/geo). Essentially we want to make sure their demographic matches our brand’s target audience.

Third, I assess the Influencer’s “influential power” — this is not only looking at whether they have a strong presence on their channels, but how strong the engagement is on these channels (i.e. YouTube views, IG and FB likes and comments, TW likes and re-tweets, etc.)? We then use this information to design a bespoke campaign aimed at utilizing the specific platform or platforms where his or her “influential power” is most prominent.

SME: What are some of the keys to bringing them on board?

Paz: I believe making the influencers excited about the brand is key to bringing them on board. Once they are excited about our brand and what we offer our clients, the door is open to find the right way to work together.

Another key is to always remember that influencer marketing is all about PEOPLE. Unlike buying media programmatically, here we are collaborating with other human beings, other perspectives who have their own way of looking at the campaign, its content and eventually, its success metrics. So, the inter-personal communication, flexibility, creativity and readiness to listen to each other will become critical factors in building an influencer marketing campaign.

SME: How do you maintain the relationship beyond the initial engagement?

Paz: Once we decide to work with an influencer, we then consider them to be an unofficial “ambassador” of our brand. Therefore any relationship formed between an influencer and our company is always aimed towards expansion. We see it as the only way to successfully develop a true identification, not only between the influencer and the brand, but between our brand and a larger community of influencers who believe in our brand and …read more

Source:: Social Media Explorer