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Best Document Management Software

December 13, 2020

By Neil Patel

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Companies exchange private information with clients and customers all the time. If even one document falls into the wrong hands, they could lose a great relationship in an instant.

Everyone I work with uses document management software, and you should too. Once you get started, you’ll see that it gives you tons of advantages beyond security.

Whether you are trying to go green, stay organized, build great looking newsletters, or meet the most stringent regulations, document management software can make a hard process much easier.

The key is finding the right one for your specific needs. I’ve put together a list of my top five document management solutions—let’s talk about why they are valuable and how they can help.

The Top 5 Options for Document Management Software

  1. DocSend – Best for sales engagement
  2. FileCenter DMS – Best for going paperless
  3. PandaDoc – Best for closing more deals
  4. Rubex by eFileCabinet – Best for automating daily tasks
  5. MasterControl – Best for enterprise compliance

How to Choose the Best Document Management Software for You

Estimates, proposals, contracts, invoices—documents are the base layer of every business relationship.

The easier it is to manage documents, the easier it’s going to be to manage these relationships.

Document management software can do a lot to help you stay organized and efficient. Let’s look at some of the features that can have a huge impact.

Scanning and Imaging

Digitizing documents is a pain without the right product. In fact, going paperless is one of the key reasons people get document management software.

It turns a really inefficient workflow into a streamlined process with tools to identify, sort, tag, and store all kinds of file types.

Some products come with optical character recognition (OCR) which translates the printed words into digital text. This means that any document you scan can be searched. Pretty slick, right?

Document Security Features

A lot of these tools increase the control people have over documents, even after they have been shared.

Some of the features I really like are:

  • Password protection
  • Flexible view, comment, and edit permissions
  • Document expiry
  • Restricted use

It’s really nice to be able to send a document knowing that it can’t be shared, altered, or printed. This is a huge step forward for businesses that lose all control once they have sent a document.

Document Engagement Metrics

At a glance, I know exactly who has read a proposal and how much time they spent on each page. Microsoft Word won’t tell you that.

For sales, this is an information gold mine. Or, if you are trying to raise funds, this is insight into who is actually interested that is easily gleaned.

I find these metrics ultra-valuable. There’s definitely a reason more and more document management solutions are adding these features.

Document Creation

Making great looking, on-brand, up-to-date content of any kind is hard. Document management software takes all the formatting and presentation legwork out of the equation.

There are templates for all kinds of use cases, helping …read more

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