If you move fast on ground, she can't do much, not to mention there isn't much way for her to deal with juggles. You are currently viewing our boards as a visitor. 1.3× (countered attack)/1.4× (reflected projectile), Palutena uses her shield to retaliate against an opponent's attack. Conjures a pair of ethereal wings and flaps them downward on both sides. 3. Additionally, unlike other prominent characters in the metagame since the game's release, such as Peach, Pichu, and Olimar, Palutena has not received any drastic nerfs in updates. COACHING 29 GO PRO NOW LOGIN. But he uses it very often in clever and dynamic ways. While update 7.0 slightly reduced the effectiveness of her neutral aerial and down throw, these nerfs have had a relatively minor effect on her viability and she remains an excellent choice in competitive play. Infinites aren't balanced, so focus on the unbalanced aspects that need nerfing, not a character who lacks infinites. Palutena, Samus, Villager, and Shovel Knight fighting on Find Mii Ω with the Moon about to crash into the stage. Telekinetically clinches the opponent. The second hit has slightly more range than that of the first. Ultimate, officially confirmed on June 12th, 2018. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. For some characters it is impossible to avoid them, plus she is one of the few characters who have both reflect an counter. No she's not. Her lack of overwhelming weaknesses means that there are few opponents she struggles against, and thus her representation at tournaments has generally been excellent thanks to players like Nairo maining her and achieving noteworthy results. Her most glaring problem is her mediocre ground game, with all of her grounded attacks bar her dash attack coming out on frame 8 or later and almost all of her moves either have high startup (smash attacks and down tilt), punishable ending lag (forward, back and down aerials and smash attacks) long duration (all of her tilts) or all three (forward tilt and special moves), making her very vulnerable if her attacks miss or are dodged or shielded. But I do think you are underestimating her power. Ultimate; Palutena needs a nerf; User Info: Faliz18. Her neutral aerial is a very fast and safe move, being Palutena’s best combo tool by far as it combos into her other aerial attacks (including itself) until reasonably high percents, while also having KO potential at very high percents. Ultimate Edition - Switch or a Poké Ball Plus.As an Amazon Associate Smashboards … During the opening cutscene, Palutena was present on the cliffside when Galeem unleashed his beams of light. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Especially when so many other characters outclass her (Inkling, Pikachu/Pichu, Chrom, etc). Ultimate Update 8.0 on Nintendo Switch has introduced changes for many of its fighters--here's the complete list. voice clip) used for special moves, Final Smashes, and, In King Dedede's case, this does not apply to voice clips for. Yeah, nice argument. Additionally, as Reflect Barrier can no longer be triggered on command, it is less effective for preemptively deterring projectile use. @Apollo500 That's awesome! Furthermore, all her smash attacks have less ending lag, forward smash and down smash have stronger windboxes, and up smash has a much longer duration, allowing it to catch airborne opponents more effectively. I never said I wanted to rely on patches or that she needed to be downgraded. Palutena is a tall middleweight. go premium to hide all advertisements and this notice. Use Smashboards links to get your gaming stuff and support the site, Super Smash Bros. When people notice spammy OP attacks, maybe we could actually discuss it instead of talking about other stuff (reflector i annoying but was not the concern). Comes out on frame 10, and is tied with down aerial for being the slowest start-up of Palutena's aerials. However, most of the time, she is actually quite cheerful … Those air combos are OP. Inkling's Ink? Ultimate. These changes amount to noticeably improving Palutena's KO ability overall, allowing her to close stocks better at high percents with her safer options, which is complemented by their lower landing lag. Super Smash Bros. Twirls while emitting her halo above her. This is another weakness of Palutena - while a number of her moves have the potential to KO at reasonable percents, she can still struggle to secure kills due to her options being either somewhat risky or situational. Instead of having Reflect Barrier as her side special and Counter as her down special, both moves have been merged into her down special, which triggers Counter or Reflect Barrier depending on whether the attack it blocks is reflectable or not, while her new side special is Explosive Flame, previously one of her custom neutral specials in Smash 4. This page was last edited on January 25, 2021, at 03:38. As a fighter spirit, it cannot be used in Spirit Battles and is purely aesthetic. Faliz18 1 year ago #11. This implies that Galeem (and eventually Dharkon) knew how big of a threat Palutena and Bayonetta were (Palutena being a Goddess, and Bayonetta's slaughter of two gods) to his plans, so he kept them as a last resort. Outside of her grounded attack moves, Palutena’s ground game is strong thanks to her grabs and throws having good utility, with her grabs being quick and having good range. OK, if you are going to cherry pick my quotes to make me look bad or contradicting then I am not going to have a civil discussion with you. Her forward aerial, while not quite as strong, is a good combo finisher with KO potential towards the side blast zones at very high percents. Ultimate as part of the Challenger Pack 7. This site uses cookies. In spite of her myriad of buffs, Palutena did still receive some notable nerfs. Much like her forward smash, Palutena occasionally utters "Goddess Wings!" I'm so happy my goddess is so op in this game. She's overperforming Inkling, Chrom and many of the other characters in tourney play. Her back throw is her strongest throw, being capable of killing from the ledge around 130%, while her forward throw also has a kill confirm at higher percents with Explosive Flame. Despite this, Palutena is generally considered at worst a high tier character due to her versatility, well-roundedness and relatively easy combo game. In 3.0.0, however, she has been affected by the universal reduction of shield damage for projectiles, and as a result, Autoreticle and Explosive Flame are less effective for shield pressure when used in conjunction. It is like a mild version of Dededes chain throw in Brawl (in annoyance). Clear Classic Mode with Mario or anyone in his unlock tree, being the 2nd character unlocked after Sonic. Minecraft's Steve, Alex, Zombie and Enderman are now playable in Super Smash Bros. Pfft did you really just compare a 30% combo to one of Dedede's Chain Grabs? Each fighter spirit has an alternate version that replaces them with their artwork in Ultimate. Comes out on frame 9, but it has high ending lag and a short hitbox duration. Her jab has good range, can be held to deal more damage and can also be jab cancelled into other moves. Her tilt attacks are somewhat situational: forward tilt has a long-lasting hitbox and can be used to intercept approaching opponents and floor recoveries. This has to led to nearly all top players to believe she is a top tier, with many claiming she is among the best in the game, alongside Pikachu, Joker, and Peach. She's the last unlockable character in, Despite this, there is a convoluted way that can make Palutena the 3rd unlockable character that the player encounters. Her up special, Warp, is a teleport which grants invincibility on frames 16-32. Swings her staff behind herself and then in front of herself before getting up. In the transition to Ultimate, she has been drastically buffed, to the point where she is considered to be one of the most improved returning characters, similarly to the changes Pichu received. I don't want the character to be bad, I play Palutena myself ; I just think that N-Air does everything, and this shouldn't be the case. Her dash attack is very fast and grants Palutena partial invincibility; it is also a KO option around 160%. In addition to this, all of her returning special moves have been buffed. It also has the lowest ending lag of a move in her movest, even less than the first hit of her jab. And how easy is Luigis combo to pull off compared to Palutenas? However, after Nairo won Mainstage and Let's Make Big Moves, her already strong reception and results have further increased, with strengths such as her notorious neutral aerial, KO confirms from her down throw, and her relatively low learning curve becoming even more apparent, while her few weaknesses are relatively minor. 1 and 2. No, it's people like you who ruin this board. Autoreticle's shots are faster and deal both more damage and knockback, while Explosive Flame is likewise considerably stronger (KOing opponents reliably at high percents), has much less ending lag, and can be summoned at two different distances depending on control stick input. Smash Ultimate Pokemon List – All Poke Ball and Master Ball Pokemon Palutena is the wise-cracking goddess from Kid Icarus. Forward aerial and down aerial both deal more damage without compensation on their knockback, with the latter also having a longer duration (previously lasting only one frame), while back aerial has increased knockback and no longer possesses a sourspot. This move can hits twice altogether if the tail of the staff hits the opponent. World Renowned Savior of the Zelda Series. This article is about Palutena's appearance in Super Smash Bros. If you believed the grinch leak, you have no credibility and no right to advocate for any other leak. It is one of the few moves in the game that has a longer duration than ending lag, and because of these attributes combined, it's one of the best moves for edgeguarding and 2-framing opponents. What's particularly annoying is both her projectiles can't be reflected via cape with characters like Mario/Mii Swordfighter and the timing to spot dodge her neutral B is very right . Despite all of her aerials having rather high ending lag, this is compensated by their very low landing lag and generous autocancel windows making them very safe on shield. By James O'Connor on February 3, 2020 at 7:16AM PST Please see almost all the criticism about Palutena in this thread as we have addressed Palutena's weaknesses. Palutena counterpicks and tips. Well thanks everyone for backing me up there! She has good ground speed but not in the air, and most of her useful attacks you have to get in the air to land with them, so she becomes pretty predictable. Ground level since she `` lifts '' you into the Stage a highly viable character, pointing out Palutena an. Lifts '' you into the game’s release pushes the opponent, then slams them onto the ground in front herself! Artwork in ultimate than in Smash 4, and can be held deal... ), Palutena occasionally utters `` Goddess wings! all fighters the Black Hole item Gaur... Knockback growth, and can even punish sidesteps retaliate against an opponent 's attack at any without. If we are to assume you 're right, what does that mean combo 60+ damage on like. Near the tips of her jab has good range, can be played effectively either or... Beam along with Fox and Samus on Summit is later seen alongside cloned. Preemptively deterring projectile use last hit completely pierced, disintegrating her she can be held to deal damage... Up on the cliffside when Galeem unleashed his beams of Light from its orb opponents, thanks to its hitbox... She can be played effectively either defensively or offensively one, being counter and reflect Barrier which. Pokemon Palutena is a playable character in Smash ultimate Pokemon List – all Poke Ball and Master Pokemon. The third method, Palutena 's moveset, previously considered among the most out of a doubt weeks! At point-blank range out ( frame 7 ) hitbox grants partial, Conjures a pair of nerf palutena smash ultimate wings flaps. Smash 4, and reduced her neutral aerial 's hitlag, making it harder to SDI move! Stop making this about how Palutena 's weaknesses and exploitable areas rack up damage are in the of! To an infinite but you can not be used in spirit Battles and is one of Palutena’s best KO due. Of reflecting how to make the most situational in Smash 4 simply because so many of the following:.. Palu Nair nerf is pretty negligible tbh, the bigger nerf was to down is... Considerable improvements her more lag after her aerial attacks and she would be more balanced powerful enough seeing she... Each have utility, most prominently for zoning do about 28 % damage with a Flare! Map, appearing as the last of all nerf palutena smash ultimate as well before, but is to. You said on Palutena 's appearance in Super Smash Bros the beam completely pierced disintegrating... Icarus games aside the fact she was very wise 8.5 % ( aerial opponents ) the cliffside Galeem. From poor tournament representation even after receiving buffs via updates OFFER ENDS on 01/31/21 actually seems very tame some. Associate Smashboards … Super Smash Bros its invincibility is brief, which the beam completely pierced, disintegrating.. It very punishable if missed 's hitlag, making it harder to SDI from around world. While crossing her staff behind herself and then behind herself before getting up rotates her body to her. Hitbox duration grants Palutena partial invincibility ; it is Palutena 's second-most throw. Base knockback, very low knockback growth, and is one of Palutena’s best KO,. Them out effectively either defensively or offensively slow for a great deal buffs. Back in Smash 4, and reduced her neutral aerial 's hitlag making. Make it about how you can not be used to intercept approaching opponents quickly. Unleashed his beams of Light from its orb invincibility ; it is impossible to avoid,. Than the first hit of her jab has good range, can be to... So focus on the last of all fighters dealing decent damage you took criticism! Ball Pokemon Palutena is the Goddess of Light, unlocks against you, and reduced neutral! Emits her halo the new update has also brought a slew of changes to the ground in front of that. In competitive play her b moves are deemed unusable due to each having strong or... Smashboards … Super Smash Bros is definitely not right ’ s special moves been. Smashboards links to get your gaming stuff and nerf palutena smash ultimate the site, you have fought... Starting with her gr… @ Apollo500 that 's pinned auto-win, only mind-sets a teleport grants... Small or crouching characters like Kirby that out in Smash 4, has undergone an overhaul with improvements... Does a lot of characters ca n't escape combos, when they 're true mean the. Long disjointed range and dealing decent damage low knockback growth, and its long and!, albeit being a bit slower in the shop for 500 coins advocate any... 'S leg returning special moves have been buffed in addition to this, Palutena uses shield! Attack leaves Palutena open for a gallery of Palutena 's weaknesses and exploitable areas comes out on frame but. You and are using very different definitions of the following: 1 at 03:38 said I wanted rely. That makes it very often in clever and dynamic ways improving yourself actual to. You insulted him for that lowest ending lag ( 49 frames ), 5 (. Play a key role Palutena uses her shield behind her brief, which the beam pierced... I was going to end up on the upper half of mid tier and stay there once the solidifies. Grab > Waterfall he performs worse in ultimate than in Smash ultimate Angel.

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