Build samba from source

I followed the Tutorial from the wiki site. To build I first had to change all of the permissions on the shell scripts to executable. In “Connect to Server”, enter the address of the Samba share in the following format smb://samba_hostname_or_server_ip/sharename . The Directory still exists (/etc/samba). If you think about this, it's not that much different from saying "there was no Linux package, so I have to build from source", ie. Building from source is usually a last resort in *nix-land, but rarely an option … Compiling Samba from Source on AIX, Active Directory, LDAP, Kerberos. Open Files and click on “Other Locations” in the sidebar. -type f -name '*.sh' … Ubuntu 18.10 and Debian Buster do have 4.8.x. find . Either way I hope the following will help anyone else that needs to build the source. Until that time, you’ll need to build Samba from source. I'm using an NDK generated standalone tool chain to cross compile the android_samba source. I followed this link for installing the latest samba-4.10.6. Skip past this section if your distro already comes with Samba 4.8.0 or newer. With Linux... not so much." Hello, I asked this question in the AIX subforum but never received an answer, probably because the AIX forum is not that heavily trafficked. Samba4 build for Ubuntu 12.04 LTS 64Bit Currently maintained: - samba-4.0.x - samba-4.1.x This is a compiled version of the original samba4 sources from OS: CentOS 8 (i think thats clear) Samba: 4.11.4 All steps (configure, make, make install) finished succesfully, but after that, smb.conf file wasnt created. I have never had any issues like this when compiling applications from source. With Windows, you rarely get the source code, so you're at the mercy of whomever made the package. For this purpose, I need samba 4.8.0 or later, which I have to install from source. There's the weak point in the question. I've created an environment with Python 3.4. today, i tried to build Samba from source by myself. Files, the default file manager in Gnome has built-in option to access Samba shares. there wasn't a way to get it to begin with. Anyway, here it is.. Start by downloading the latest version of the Samba source.