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For those who want to change the look and feel of the left panel “Ubuntu Dock” in Ubuntu 18.04, Dash to Dock is a Gnome extension that replaces left panel with Mac OS style Dock application launcher. The dock will now display on the left side of the screen, but not in Panel mode. Dash to Panel是一个相当新的GNOME Shell扩展,将破折号移动到顶部栏,以实现类似于KDE Plasma或Windows 7+的单个面板(组合应用程序启动器和系统托盘)设计。 该扩展提供了许多功能,包括将面板移动到顶部或底部,

It is meant to resemble Unity layout, but it is not as nice as Unity panel and many users want to modify or replace this Dock. Dash to Panel is a highly configurable panel for Gnome Shell, and a great replacement for Ubuntu Dock / Dash to Dock (Ubuntu Dock is forked from Dash to Dock). 我觉得,插件有这一个 … To install the Dash to Panel extension on the Gnome desktop via the Gnome Software application, start by pressing Win to bring up the search box inside of the “Activities” area. To “remove titles from thumbnails [and] add dynamic horizontal sizing”. I’ve had a small conversation with an ubuntu Australia follower in regards to Dash to panel. For a long time I used Xubuntu, which offered a Gnome 2 like experience with the light-weight XFCE window manager. He says “I have installed 17.10 on a friends computer . Dash to Panel for Ubuntu Gnome. Obviously, this is appealing, especially for those that don’t like the default way of doing things. However, if you find that using this panel isn’t for you, follow these instructions to quickly get everything back to normal. 16.04 à 18.04 : Window List (extension officielle) Une barre de tâches simple. Once again not very happy so I asked what are you looking for in a UX .
It can replace not only Ubuntu Dock, but also the top panel, since it can show the tray/AppIndicators and the clock/calendar menu on a single panel. Alex, aka BabyWogue, aka “that angry Ubuntu hating guy on Twitter”, lodged an interesting feature request on the Dash to Panel Github.

Locate the search box and type in “Dash to Panel,” and you’ll see a black puzzle piece icon with “Dash to Panel… But that name doesn't appear anywhere on disk or in packages or in running processes, that I can find. Dash steht für Debian Almquist Shell.Die Dash ist kleiner und schneller als z.B. It’s a Gnome Shell modification that cam make Gnome Shell Windows-like by adding a full-featured panel inside of your Gnome Shell session. Dash to panel: Fusionne le dash et la barre supérieure en une unique "barre de tâches" moderne et élégante, avec miniatures de fenêtres au survol, qui vous rappellera peut-être des interfaces comme Windows 7 ou 10. Dies wird erreicht, indem /bin/sh ein Symlink auf /bin/dash ist.. All it had was just the default wallpaper. I'm happy about this as I could never get used to Unity. Install Dash To Panel Dash to Panel is a Gnome Extension, so in order for it to be used on Gnome Shell, you’ll need to install it.