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Your mileage may vary. Here’s what the Broncolor Para 177 light looks like at different degrees of focusing. Scoro S Scoro E Senso Move. September 26, 2016. The Para 88 with the focusing rod costs around $5,000, while the Para 222 goes for about $7,500. Siros L Siros Siros S. Lamps. The apex zone of the 88 HR Para is made of an especially heat-resistant material tolerant for long periods of time to the very high output 1600 watt hmi light source.

パラ88用 フォーカシングシステム: 光源をパラ中心にむけ、反射光としてパラを使用できます。 光源の位置は前後にフォーカスディフォーカスできるので 集光したハードライトから拡散したソフトライトまで作り出せます。 Broncolor also makes a Para 133, Para 177, and the ridiculously large Para … Monolights. Para System. Jul 21, 2013 at 12:46 AM With less than 6 kg the Para 88 is a lightweight with a super compact design. Para 88 is the smallest of Broncolor Paras, it is easy to transport and store, which, considering I often travel to my clients’ locations, is the best choice for me. I had a chance to purchase the older Bron para 170 and potentially the Bron para 177, but the Briese, to me, was worth the extra money. Basic Lamps Small Lamps Effect Lamps. BTW - the smaller Broncolor Para 88, when equipped with the Unilite or Pulso G head, weighs a couple of pounds MORE than the Briese Focus 180! Continuous Light. Many photographers have heard great things about the Broncolor Para modifiers. LED F160 HMI F200 HMI F400 HMI F575.800 HMI F1600 FT System. Nov 5, 2017 hey guys, I'm quite intrigued by the broncolor Para series. Many people extol the virtues of this expensive modifier. RAJ BHARDWAJ ... Broncolor Para 88 with Focusing Rod. Light Shapers. Alternatives to the broncolor Para? Broncolor Para 88 Conner999 wrote : The Para88 is a GREAT tool, with the engineering and light delivery pros you've heard of, but 3 cons we experienced shooting on location, sometimes in rough surroundings (non-wedding work): I like how you can focus and defocus it to get different lighting effects. The Broncolor Para 88 FB Reflector is a 34" parabolic reflector built like an umbrella with 24 braces and specular silver coating on the inside. There are two different systems for this: Para and Para FT. First Test with Broncolor Para 88. And now that I had access to Para 88, a Broncolor Beauty Dish and Para 177, I wanted to compare the light created by these light modifiers to figure out which one I like the best for my work, and here’s what I found. The precise front-focusing device is optimized for operation with Pulso G, Unilite, Litos, MobiLED, Pulso Twin and Pulso 8 and PulsoF2/F4 flash heads. Para or Para FT – for quick changes With four clamping levers (Para 88 HR and 133 HR) or a crank (Para 177 and 222) you can first set up the reflector on its own. Para 88 Para 133 Para 177 Para 222 Para 330 FB. BRONCOLOR kit Para 88 HR 33.483.06. My understanding is that this is due to its parabolic shape, ability to zoom in/out, and the smoothness of the internal reflective material. Smart, small and simple… Para 88 has great success. Power Packs. Then fit the appropriate focusing rod to your Para.
FOCUSING FEATURE. But many of us have never actually used one on a shoot. broncolor Products.