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Clubhouse and Reels and Spaces, Oh My! Where is Your Marketing Money Best Spent?

March 30, 2021

By Justin Kline

Social media used to
be easy. Each app had a specific purpose. Facebook was the platform where users
could socialize with friends and family. Instagram was for sharing photos.
LinkedIn was for networking. As apps rolled out new desirable features like
stories, likes and shares, competitor apps began popping up and integrating the
same features into their platforms. Then, TikTok changed the game when they
became the leading platform for short videos during 2020. Other social media
platforms grew envious of their explosive growth, and competitors quickly
emerged, most notably Instagram Reels. We’ve also seen YouTube and Netflix
adopt similar short video offerings in recent months.

TikTok isn’t the only
victim of the copy-paste technique other social media giants are deploying. Clubhouse’s
invite-only exclusivity for Apple users, celebrities and entrepreneurs makes
the social audio app extremely desirable. We’ve seen Twitter introduce a
similar model with Spaces and Facebook is in talks to launch an audio-based
app, making them direct threats to Clubhouse. With all of these changes and new apps, marketers and brands might feel
overwhelmed as to where they should focus their efforts. How do you know what
platforms to prioritize and which ones may not be worth your time and money? Here’s
a few ways to help navigate the flood of changes we’ve seen with social media

Experience the hype without
spreading efforts too thin.

It’s easy to want to
dive headfirst into every app and feature all at once, particularly when new
launches generate buzz. However, like all social media efforts, you must have a
plan in place. Make sure you plan out content, and don’t exhaust yourself from
juggling too many platforms at once. Creating a social media calendar to manage
brand, influencer and partner content, using online programs or working with an
agency can help make sure you’re consistent with messaging without over- or
under-posting on one particular platform.

It’s crucial to maintain
a presence on multiple platforms to maximize the number of eyeballs your
organization can reach. This also helps keep content fresh for all audiences,
who might not follow your brand on all social channels. Cross-posting is an
easy way to share content across multiple platforms and explore new venues before
committing extra creative time and budget. However, deciding to go all-in on a
newer platform that proves to be valuable, deserves its own catered strategy.
Some social apps now offer comprehensive advertising resources that can help
educate you on where to get started in the sometimes-confusing landscape of
social media marketing.

Stand out (or fit in!)
on an emerging platform.

With brands buzzing
about the audio-app movement, taking the time to vet platforms and develop a
comprehensive strategy is crucial. This helps ensure your time and energy is
well spent and allows you to determine how the functionality of the platform
best suits your organization, if it all. Considering which groups to join, and
whether or not you want to be an active participant or a listener tracking
industry trends is an important approach to consider. If one of your company
thought leaders joins these conversations, you gain the ability to not only
participate, but gain insight on what competitors and customers are doing.

While it’s important to explore firsthand the new venues
that might be impactful …read more

Source:: Social Media Explorer