Constantly Looking for The Next Disruption: How One Man’s Journey Through Life (Rami Beracha) Resulted in New Business Growth

July 11, 2022

By David

The Birth of Resilience

Most kids at 18 are considering where to go next in life. For some, it is education, and others begin to consider finding a partner to settle down with and build a family. For Rami Beracha, an international entrepreneur, it was the opportunity to join the IDF. There he was trained as a paratrooper during the Lebanon War and eventually received an officer’s commission. In 1983, Beracha was part of a rescue team to offer aid to wounded soldiers in an active landmine field. While on duty, he had the misfortune to step on a landmine, losing his right hand and left leg.

This critical moment in time sent Beracha into a deep depression during his stay at a military hospital. Rehabilitation became a challenge as his mind spiraled downward, trying to grasp a new identity. It was then that something triggered a response deep inside, and a new passion was suddenly born. Even in the face of losing a promising military career, Beracha decided he would not give up. He began to push harder to heal faster. When he did get out of the hospital, he joined sports, often enjoying cycling and snowboarding. He even had the opportunity to climb Mount Kilimanjaro.

Resilience Evolves into Motivating Drive

Beracha’s best advice has always been that people pursuing a dream should take the time to ensure it is correct for them before making drastic moves. There should be a unique balance of passion and personal self-belief that leads to success. Otherwise, you will never move forward in your ventures. The same is true for the ability to change. Even if you are afraid, change is easier early on than losing time and money on something you have no passion for or enjoyment.

That philosophy has proven to be true in Beracha’s life. After the military, he received a law degree and began work for a Wall Street legal firm. While the opportunities were plentiful, the lifestyle and outlook were not what Beracha wanted. He then decided to uproot from New York City and hop across the pond to France, where he completed an MBA.

That one decision led to a career at Pitango, Israel’s largest venture capital fund, and fertile ground for Beracha’s new education. It only took a few short years for Beracha to be named a managing partner, where he led the fund in investing with over 200 new high-tech startups. A significant number of these Israeli-based companies eventually made exits to international brands like Marvel, Microsoft, Broadcom, and Apple.

His career development never stopped Beracha’s love of outdoor sports. In 2008 he traveled to Panama to pursue his love of kite surfing. Eventually, he developed a method to use adapted prosthetics so he could surf the waves with the same ease as a professional.

“At first, I was very angry after getting injured,” admits Beracha. “But over time, my anger calmed down and was replaced with acceptance. What encouraged me was the knowledge that no matter what I choose to do in …read more

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