Creating Your Mobile App: What should I think about?

October 27, 2020

By David

You’ve got your resources, landed your idea, and you’re ready to develop your killer app. But…have you stopped to think about exactly what the hell you’re supposed to be doing?

So, here are some essential questions to consider, including-

Do I understand my market?: When it comes to developing your app, it’s important to research and validate your understanding of where you sit in the modern marketplace and who you’re rubbing shoulders with. Are you accommodating trends and able to pivot to potential or even unforeseen opportunities? And – perhaps most importantly – are you undertaking regular, ongoing research that ensures your comprehension not only remains up to date but is fed into your daily practice?

Do I understand what ‘mobile’ design truly means?: One of the most popular phrases in modern development, designing for mobile involves factoring in a number of hard and soft considerations. Alongside practical development, understanding how and why your audience uses their devices is essential. This can be as simple as reviewing your UX to make it accessible to all market segments all the way to researching key issues that arise around your design such as multi-platform use, cloud storages, ‘handshakes’ and much more.

Am I prepared to test?: If you’re managing a tight budget and development timeframe, it’s only natural to look to cut corners to get your app out of the door…and one of the first heads to go on the chopping block is testing. This is a fundamental and critical mistake. Budgeting enough time for in-depth, ongoing testing can make the difference between a fit-for-purpose and broken product. If you find yourself scaling back your testing actions or lack the skills and expertise for automation or sufficient unit testing, it’s time to hit the drawing board and look at your planning actions.

Have I planned to code for mobile?: Coding can be difficult at the best of times and mobile throws up its own unique challenges. Choosing the right development platform and framework can prevent you from being ‘locked in’ to certain design decisions and allow you to solve potential roadblocks you’ve identified with ease. For many companies, frameworks like React Native provide a one-size-fits all set of tools that let you get off on the right foot and tackle issues when they occur. Checking out a React Native guide for startups can help you quickly find out if the platform is right for you, or broaden your search to find a framework or toolkit that helps you deal with-

Rapid prototyping – am I ready?: Mobile development requires you to work at speed at the best of times. And when it comes to standing out in a crowded marketplace, it’s essential to review and collect feedback on your product as soon as possible. Embracing repaid development can help you iron out your kinks as quickly as possible and iterate on your design. Failing to do so can not only leave you flagging behind but quickly end up creating a logjam for you, your teams, and …read more

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