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Data-Driven Marketing from Mad Men to Rabbit Holes

February 09, 2016
Aaron Polmeer

By Tiffani Allen

Last week, the Business Marketing Association of Minnesota hosted an educational panel event: From Mad Men Advertising to Rabbit Hole Marketing. The panel consisted of four B2B marketing and data experts and was moderated by the brilliant Rebecca Ramsden of SmartBase Solutions. The panel included Patrick Dunn, director of sales and marketing for GetWireless; Mike Bernard, VP of services at Relationship 1; Jason McConnell, director of marketing communication for Sport Ngin; and Bob Peterson, research director for SiriusDecisions.

The audience was packed with the best and brightest local B2B marketers. You could feel the energy and excitement in the room — which may have been partially augmented by free bacon and coffee, I’ll admit — as the group found their seats and prepared to join the discussion. After all, the concept of using data to inform, improve, and explain marketing efforts has been a popular topic in digital marketing for as long as we’ve had the technology to collect it.  Thanks to the panel of experts, I’ve compiled some key takeaways that can apply to the everyday lives of digital marketers.

To Get a Seat At the Revenue Table, Bring Insights, Not Data

Digital marketers and inundated with data. We collect it, mine for it, pull it into dashboards, and generally obsess over it. But if you’re trying to get C-suite buy-in for a new program, or trying to justify the budget you already have, you need to leave that deep dive data at your desk. Leadership within an organization is interested in understanding the return on their investment, not the specific numbers you’ll monitor to find out.

The panelists agreed: While it’s important to prove ROI to those who will ultimately make budgeting decisions, there’s much more to it. A good marketer comes to the table with the ability to discuss ROI and how their efforts will grow that return in the future using predictive data.

Understand the Why and How Before The What

The panel wholeheartedly agreed with each other on this key point. Many organizations get excited over new marketing technology and platforms and end up making purchasing decisions and trying to implement before they understand if they have the resources to continue to use it effectively. What’s worse, is that some organizations fail to clearly identify the problem they’re trying to solve before they invest in a solution.

The key takeaway: Marketers need to fully understand how they’ll use a new technology and what problem they’re trying to solve  before they make any buying decisions. Once they know what they need, it’s imperative to have the right resources to successfully implement and manage that program.

Know Why You’re Collecting Data Before You Start

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