Does Your Business Need an IT Assessment?

December 03, 2020

By Chris Turn

No matter your business’s size or sector, as a business owner, your hands are full of day-to-day, operational concerns. Your main focus needs to be the activities that make you money and draw new customers into the business.

However, this can sometimes mean that key business support activities can be neglected. These are the structural pillars that enable you to do the day job, but if you aren’t an expert or are bogged down with other stuff, they can become overlooked.

One of these critical structural pillars is technology and IT support.

The world of technology is constantly updating, evolving and changing. This is great news, because it can present a huge amount of benefits to your business, making processes easier and new products and services possible.

On the downside, new technology can be a lot to manage, and if you aren’t on top of new developments, you can quickly become less advanced, and thus, less desirable than your competitors.

How do you know what your IT needs? It could be time for an IT assessment to evaluate your current position, identify strengths that help and weaknesses that hurt your business, and come up with a cohesive plan of action to make sure your IT service provision is working for you.

That’s where an IT consultant can really add value to your operations, and even help you to save money and improve your IT security.

Dealing With Remote Employees

The issue of remote working is now on every business’ radar. Even if remote work was not an option before the pandemic, COVID has changed everything with regards to digital workplaces and has accelerated the need for the right, secure technologies to enable your employees to perform their roles from home.

This is one aspect of the new working world that is highly unlikely to go back to how it was before- employees now value flexible working arrangements so highly, they can be enticing to help to recruit top candidates for your roles.

However, successful remote working depends on a facilitation of the right technology solutions. If you don’t have adequate systems in place, you are highly likely to experience disengagement from staff and a corresponding dip in productivity.

You need platforms such as video conferencing and cloud software that allows for remote collaborative working and project management. These systems can truly be a game changer, especially for smaller businesses who can now draw on a wider pool of talent without being so restricted by geography.

Investing in the right IT platforms can be critical to remote work success, so professional advice is well worth getting from an IT specialist. These specialists can steer you to the right software solutions for the needs of your business.

Stuck In Old Operating Patterns

Innovations are the lifeblood of any successful business that wants to achieve longevity- which involves flexibility. Responding to fluctuations in customer demand, changing consumer behaviour, wide-scale macro-economic changes and regulatory policy is essential.

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