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Effective Link Building Strategies in 2017 Through Content

January 02, 2017
Aaron Polmeer

Link building strategies have evolved in the past few years, especially with the frequently changing Google Algorithm updates. Also, Google gives preference to inbound links a site has while ranking it in SERPs. Content plays a vital role in building authoritative links and thus many SEOs adopted link building techniques through content.

According to Brain Dean of Backlinko, the best link building formula is

“Great Content + Targeted Outreach + Added Value = Links”

So, check out the effective link building strategies in 2017 through content.

Guest Posting

Guest posting is one of the most important link building strategies. Besides that, it is a natural way earning link through content. Build natural and relevant anchor text to avoid the penalty by Google. In addition, it also gives you credibility in your industry and a link back. So check out the step by step method of posting the guest posts.

1. Prepare an excel as shown in the below screenshot.

2. Find out the 80-100 sites by searching the websites that accept the guest posts by typing the following queries-

guest posting sites + target keyword
“submit guest post” + target keyword
“write for us” + target keyword
“submit an article” + target keyword
“become a contributor” + target keyword
target keyword + “guest posting guidelines”

3. You will get numerous guest posting sites. List all of them under the website name column. Check the last month traffic using similar web and Alexa rank. Now sort out those sites which have good traffic and Alexa rank.
4. Check out the traffic share of the shortlisted sites using the similar web. Also, page authority and domain authority. Again select and shortlist the sites having at least DA above 50.
5. Check the process of how to submit a guest post and if it is free or paid. After these steps, you will have handy 25-30 sites.
6. Submit the topic by an email to these 25-30 sites so that you will get the reply from around 10 sites.
7. Now shortlist the sites and send your final article to the best guest posting site.
8. Also, track the traffic in the referral section of Google Analytics.

Link Round-Ups

Second important link building strategy is Link round-ups. Rounds ups are weekly, or monthly best-curated content in your niche.

So to find the roundup sites in your industry use the following type of search operators-

“link roundup” + your niche target keyword
inurl:roundup + your niche target keyword
intitle:weekly roundup + your niche target keyword
intitle:roundup + your niche target keyword
“weekly roundup” + your niche target keyword
“monthly roundup” + your niche target keyword
“Friday link roundup” + your niche target keyword
“Monday link roundup” + your niche target keyword
“daily link round up” + your niche target keyword
“daily round-up” + your niche target keyword

Then contact the websites by reaching them by an email and get an inbound link plus a chance to connect with the people in your industry.

Link Building with Infographics

Visual content is often preferred by most of the people. So link building through infographic can be one of the effective link building strategies. Follow the below-mentioned process.

1. Prepare an awesome infographic at or hiring a designer. Remember to choose the relevant and fresh topic for infographic creation. Check Pinterest or Visually to take the references in your niche. Follow proper layout and design structure. Embed a tracking code or link in the infographic
2. Search the sites that have content related to your infographic. Sort them according to last month traffic, DA and PA.
3. Outreach them by the short and informative email and submit the infographic.
4. Also, track the performance of the infographic in Google Analytics.

Broken Link Building Strategies

This involves the searching of broken links and linking back content on highly authoritative sites. Broken links can be found out by searching the expired domains or closed business as per following methods and then analyzing its backlinks by using ahref or majestic tools.

1. Expired domains- Go to the site Type the relevant keyword, you will get the list of expired domains. Choose the closed domain that is not too old and the good number of backlinks. You can get the information of backlinks in the majestic backlinks tab.

2. Type the search queries in along with your keyword as follows-

“Has closed” + keyword
“Business closed” + keyword
“out of order” + keyword

3. Perform the search on Google as shown in the below snapshot

In addition to this, check out How to Do Broken Link Building Using Link Building Outreach.

Link Baiting

According to Matt Cutts, link baiting is “Something interesting enough to catch people’s attention…And that doesn’t have to be a bad thing.”

So build the high quality and great content effective enough to go viral and people like to link it on various authoritative sites. Also, check out how to create content with popular types of link baiting techniques at How To Create Link Baiting Viralness (psst!: Secrets To Increasing Your Traffic).

So build links through content by following the above link building strategies and add more value to the authority of your site.

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