Everything You Need to Know About Instagram Pods, the New Way Influencers Are Gaming the Algorithm

September 03, 2018

By Caroline Forsey

In 2016, Instagram changed its algorithm to eliminate a feed full of chronological posts. Now, your post can only appear at the top of a user’s feed if it earns a certain level of engagement, signaling to Instagram that your post is popular and should be shown to more people.

Additionally, in order to rank highly, your post must receive engagement immediately. If your post receives likes and comments, but not within the first few hours after posting it, Instagram likely won’t boot it to the top.

The algorithm change is helpful for Instagram users — after all, I’d personally rather see posts most of my friends are commenting on and liking. However, it’s less useful for brands trying to spread their content to a wider audience. Plus, it can seem unfair. If you are trying to grow your audience by sharing helpful content, but you don’t have a ton of followers at the moment, it’s twice as hard to get your posts seen by new people.

So how can you get around it? Sure, there are a few shady tactics out there, like buying followers or using bots, but none of those methods will earn you a long-term, loyal audience. Instead, you might want to consider Instagram pods.

In a way, Instagram pods are a more strategic version of texting your friends and saying, “I posted a new Instagram picture but it only has six likes, can you go like it so I don’t look lame?”

The concept is the same, but pods take it to the extreme — instead of texting your friends once in a while, you’re in a constant messaging thread, where you’re expected to engage with upwards of twenty or thirty posts a day. Plus, you’ve got to do it in a timely manner, or it won’t work.

But if you’re committed to growing your following, the effort might be worth the reward. To learn which pods to consider joining, and whether it’s even a good idea, read on.

Instagram Engagement Groups

To join an Instagram pod, you can start by checking out a few Facebook groups, such as Instagram Marketing Mastermind Pods. However, since Facebook owns Instagram, there’s a chance your group could get deleted (more on that below).

Additionally, you might try Telegram, a messaging app that hosts pods inside the app. Take a look at Telegram’s engagement group directory (the link will only work …read more

Source:: HubSpot Blog


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