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Hear from the World’s Leaders in Marketing and Sales at DigiMarCon Conferences in 2017

January 09, 2017
Aaron Polmeer

By Aaron Polmeer, DigiMarCon 2017 Series Manager and Host

There’s nothing like the power of an inspirational speech to generate motivation, excitement and the encouragement to tackle what’s ahead.

This is why we created unique agendas for all our upcoming DigiMarCon events in 2017 and made sure each includes presentations delivered from some of today’s top industry leaders.

This means all DigiMarCon attendees – regardless of the event they attend – will be exposed to some of today’s most-respected voices in sales and marketing leaders who will share …

  • The latest digital marketing techniques
  • Engaging, real-world examples of success
  • Actionable takeaways

This insight will come in many forms: invigorating keynote speeches, insightful training workshops and interactive panel discussions – but that is just the beginning. We’ve also deliberately constructed our conference schedules to include plenty of networking time, facilitating opportunities for our guests to interact with the same industry leaders who will be providing insights from up on stage.

Because digital marketing best practices are constantly changing as new technologies emerge, the content that makes up all our DigiMarCon conferences is nimble. Each year, we invite experts from a variety of industries to discuss relevant tips and fresh techniques from across the digital landscape. Past speakers have come from such cutting-edge organizations as UFC, Adobe, IBM, HubSpot, Convince & Convert, Moz – to name just a few.

This tradition continues in 2017. In planning our upcoming DigiMarCon events, we scoured the globe seeking representatives from those organizations that are truly disrupting the digital marketing space. Each speaker will bring a unique point of view on a specific segment of the digital marketing universe, ensuring our guests leave with a well-rounded overview of the latest digital trends.

How to Maximize the Marketing Takeaways from DigiMarCon 2017

Keep in mind, DigiMarCon conferences are interactive. To make the most of what you’ll hear, we recommend you:

  • Take notes. Come to sessions and workshops prepared to jot down ideas you’ll want to remember after the conference. Whether it’s an inspiring quote you heard or a technique you’ve learned for the first time, recording what you heard during speeches enables you to conduct further research or ask questions after the presentation.
  • Connect with speakers. Our featured panelists and speakers want to hear from you. Tweet them directly and tell them what you loved about their presentations. Better yet, find them at one of our networking events as follow up. Email them after the conference to stay in touch. Many industry conferences are designed to ensure guests and speakers remain apart. DigiMarCon 2017 is different. We encourage you to form a bond with those you’re learning from.
  • Meet with other attendees. At DigiMarCon 2017 events, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to converse and interact with other attendees throughout the conferences. Use this time to discuss what you’ve heard, ask how it’s being applied within other organizations, and brainstorm methodologies you can apply to your business.

DigiMarCon 2017 speakers have been chosen for their expertise, their passion and their drive to excel in the digital marketing world. Our hope is they will ignite a desire in you to enhance your marketing efforts. You might see celebrities on stage – or you might see up-and-comers who are taking the digital marketing world by storm. Be prepared to learn something from each speaker. How you use their knowledge to transform your business will be up to you.

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I look forward to seeing you at one of our events.


Aaron Polmeer

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