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Hot Content Marketing Topics From Top B2B Brands at #B2BMX

February 09, 2017

By Lee Odden

What makes B2B content marketing hotter than having a conference at a Scottsdale, Arizona resort in February?

How about tips from 10 top B2B brands and industry experts including senior executives from Forrester, Microsoft, Aptos, Lenovo, BrightFunnel, Oracle and Marketo.

In advance of the upcoming B2B Marketing Exchange conference coming up later this month, I reached out to other speakers for practical tips as a preview to their presentations. For fun, I also asked them what their favorite thing is about a February event in Arizona. I know, that’s kind of obvious but this willing group shared some interesting answers.

Real Marketing ROI:
“Sales are wonderful. Sales are important. Sales are the lifeblood of any business. But. Really, but. Sales are NOT the alpha and omega of how you demonstrate your worth as a marketer. Really. I can prove it. Please join me Tuesday morning as I walk you through six KPIs you probably haven’t thought of that can prove your dollars-and-cents, ROI worth to the CEO. The CFO, even. We’re not talking volume metrics like “likes,” but real, bottom line marketing value unrelated to selling more stuff (even if you still need to sell stuff).”

Presentation: B2B Content Metrics & KPIs You Can Take To The C-Suite

Best thing about a Winter conference in Arizona:
“I’m not the biggest hot weather fan, so you won’t get the expected response. It’s picking the brains of all the attendees, of course. I’m an analyst, so always researching. That, and the opportunity to grab a phosphate at my favorite soda fountain in the world, MacAlpines. After all the disruptive tech, it’s a visit to the 1940s!”
Rebecca Lieb
Rebecca Lieb, Principal at Conglomotron

Busting ABM Myths:
“ABM. Account. Based. Marketing. It’s everywhere, everything, and totally awesome. At least that’s what several dozen vendors and agencies would have you think. However, 73% of B2B marketers we surveyed wouldn’t agree — they find ABM “confusing and applied too broadly”. And only 1 in 5 believe ABM actually aligns their marketing and sales better.  Join me Wednesday afternoon as I bust a few more ABM myths and talk about one of the biggest overlooked opportunities – using ABM to turn your existing customers into an authentic, active voice for your brand.”

Presentation: Customer Advocacy & Account-Based Strategies

Best thing about a Winter conference in Arizona:
“The Wurtz Farm Gourd Festival …because when I’m out of my gourd, I can always get a new one there.”
Laura Ramos
Laura Ramos, Vice President at Forrester

Analytics into Insight:
“Through tracking the influence of all your marketing and sales touches using a tool that enables multiple attribution models and looking at how each activity moves a segment of buyers through the funnel, you can have a more systematic approach to planning out the ideal customer journey. Basing all of your program decisions on analytics enables you to send the right message, to the right person, at the right time.”

Presentation: …read more

Source:: Top Rank Blog