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How to Boost Conversions With the Right Customer Insights

February 23, 2017

By Today’s Industry Insider


Today’s marketers are inundated with data.

To stay ahead of the competition, your SaaS company must focus on customer insights to boost conversions. Push the limits to discover gaps in your customer data.

“By measuring, interpreting, and applying knowledge from customer experiences, and using this information to fuel decisions, companies can elevate their customer insight function—and their own position in the marketplace,” writes Christine Barton, senior partner and managing director of The Boston Consulting Group.

It’s time to find out what matters to your customers. Let’s explore how your SaaS team can gain more knowledge.

On-Site Behavior

For some businesses, the website is sometimes the only interaction a consumer will have with a brand. Therefore, it’s essential for companies to understand how buyers engage with their sites.

On-site behavior refers to consumers’ actions on your website. This engagement ranges from what page of content they visit to what calls-to-actions they click.

By observing visitors, you’ll learn what interests the potential buyer and what issues arise that cause them to cease engagement.

This data is especially important when it comes to moving consumers down the sales funnel. On-site behavior can uncover friction points hindering buyers from completing a transaction.

A Sitecore whitepaper noted that “these [on-site] interactions are most fruitful when they include behavior in real time. Think of this as ‘implicit profiling.’ It is a prime source for understanding in-the-moment intent.”

Knowing the buyer’s intent helps your team predict future behavior and prepare marketing efforts to persuade consumers.

For instance, if you know buyers prefer downloading your content to read later, your team can include a PDF content upgrade in relevant posts. Here’s an example from Backlinko.

Monitor consumer behavior on your website, and then, use that newfound knowledge to improve the customer experience.

Forms and Surveys

Everything on your site serves a purpose. Forms and surveys give your team a chance to ask consumers for pertinent information.

However, most companies view forms as a way to gain every single detail about a buyer. And honestly, this is an impossible feat to accomplish, which often annoys the visitor.

According to the 2015 B2B Web Usability Report, 69% of respondents indicated that “excessive form field requirements” would deter them from completing a general inquiry form, with 65% stating they wouldn’t submit a form if “too much personal information” was required.

Consumers don’t want to waste their precious time answering a 20-question form to receive your free eBook. They would rather fill in a few form fields and possibly give you more details later.

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But there is a dilemma facing marketers between quantity and quality when collecting data from forms and surveys. Shorter forms often generate lower quality leads since people can quickly complete them.

On the other hand, if a consumer takes the time to finish more form fields, it’s likely they are more interested in your products.

Run your own tests to learn what works best for your business. Research will help your team determine the balance between acquiring information and earning conversions.

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