How to Build Paid Ad Campaigns Around Typos, Misspellings, and More

October 07, 2021

By Neil Patel

We all make mistakes. It’s part of being human.

Unfortunately, in some cases, mistakes can be costly.

If you’re a marketer running paid campaigns, mistakes can actually be blessings in disguise. That’s because you can build paid ad campaigns around typos, misspellings, and other types of mistakes if you play your cards right.

Mistakes in ads have a high chance of going viral. People love making fun of other people’s mistakes. In today’s world, that means sharing your mistake with their network. An ad with a typo, misused apostrophe, incorrect homophone, or any other error could make more people aware of your brand than ever before.

Whether or not that’s a good thing largely depends on how you handle the issue. Rather than trying to cover up your mistake, take advantage of it.

While mistakes may be embarrassing and used well, they can also be a tool to shine the spotlight on your brand or product.

6 Clever Ways to Use Typos and Misspellings in Paid Ad Campaigns

Sometimes using conventional digital marketing practices only puts you in the same league as your competitors. In today’s crowded market, you may need to give yourself an edge.

Sometimes that involves leveraging mistakes in your paid ad campaigns, particularly your ad copy. Here are six ways you can use written mistakes to your advantage when engaging in paid advertising.

1. Poke Fun at Previous Mistakes

If your brand made a mistake in a previous campaign, go all in and make a joke of the mistake in your next paid ad campaign.

For best results, share the ad on the social media platforms where the mistake got the most coverage. Make sure to tag those who initiated the conversation around the mistake and any influencers who joined the chat.

There are two big reasons you should lean into your previous mistake.

It Humanizes Your Brand

Admitting to your mistakes can be a great way of showing the human side of your brand. One particularly human trait that will stand out is humility, a quality that will help you earn your customers’ trust.

Great Way to Fan the Flames of a Viral Brand Awareness Campaign

The conversation around your first paid ad mistake is a spark you can fan into a blazing brand awareness inferno. Unless your error made your ad offensive, instead of apologizing, poke fun at yourself. Think of how many of the most beloved comedians are self-deprecating!

The next time one of your paid ads goes out with a mistake, take it as an opportunity to run a fun campaign.

2. Incorporate Common Brand Name Misspellings

Some brand names were designed to be spelled wrong. Take, for example:

  • Dunkin’ Donuts
  • Kool-Aid
  • Froot Loops
  • Play-Doh

These were purposely misspelled for brand “stickability” so people remember them.

What happens if people often misspell your brand name?

Use that to your advantage by incorporating those wrong spellings in your paid ad campaigns.

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Source:: Kiss Metrics Blog