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How To Gather Split-Test Ideas For Your Copy Using Post-Conversion Questionnaires

March 10, 2017

By Today’s Industry Insider


Marketers often struggle to come up with new ideas and angles to improve their marketing campaigns.

So in this post, I’m going to show you an effective way of collecting the insights and ideas you need to create breakthroughs, by using post-conversion questionnaires.

Why I Started Using Post-Conversion Questionnaires in my Campaigns

A little while ago, I was helping some clients generate leads online with paid advertising.

We were operating in a fairly competitive niche, so I found myself constantly having to come up with new angles and ideas in order to keep my copy ‘fresh’ and to battle campaign fatigue.

After a while though, I ran out of ideas and I knew I had to go back and study my market in more detail.

However, this was a challenge.

There weren’t many resources online (e.g. online forums and blogs) that were available for my particular target market.

And I simply couldn’t rely on my clients to give me the information I needed.

My clients were too busy running their own businesses and even if they did have the time to speak to me, they would end up filtering information through their perspective and language, thereby defeating the whole point of the research.

What I needed was a way to listen to the market directly.

Now, at the time, I had call tracking software setup on the landing pages I had created for my client.

That way, I could track the number of people who called my client directly instead of submitting their details via the form on the landing page.

But the call tracking software had an unintentional benefit: it also recorded those phone calls and literally allowed me to listen into the conversations my market was having.

This seemed like the answer I needed.

Except there was one problem: only a very small percentage of leads ever called the number (less than 5%).

Most people simply submitted their details via the form on the page and waited to be followed up.

Since I didn’t have call recording setup for outbound calls on my client’s end (which would have been virtually impossible to do), I was missing out on an enormous number of conversations and in turn, the rich data I needed to improve my campaign.

It was then when I came up with an idea: Why not include an additional step in my funnel to capture information directly from the prospects that submitted their details on the landing page?

Well, that’s exactly what I did.

I added a brief, optional questionnaire after a prospect submitted their contact details.

Though the questionnaire was optional, 75-85% of people ended up filling it out (some in great detail).

This quickly gave me the information and insight I needed to come up with new ideas and angles in my campaigns.

And because these ideas came straight from the marketplace, I knew they each had a very good chance of succeeding.

Why the Questionnaire is Shown After the Conversion

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In fact, since Ryan Levesque released his book, ‘Ask’, the use of …read more

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