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How to Have the Most Productive Q1 Ever: 11 Helpful Tips

January 13, 2017

By Amanda Zantal-Wiener


Productivity is one of those things that’s too general to master quickly. You might be trying to get more done in a day, procrastinate less, or accomplish a lot with minimal resources. All of those goals fall under the “productivity” umbrella. So how do you prioritize them?

Depending on where you are in your career, and what your goals are for the first quarter, you might have different productivity goals. Once you know what they are, however, you can prioritize them — and determine the resources you need to knock them out of the park. Download our complete productivity guide here for more tips on improving your  productivity at work.

We had a look at some of our favorite productivity posts over the past year, and chose the tips we believe will be the most applicable as we work our way through the next few months. Have a look, and see which ones will help you achieve the most this quarter.

11 Tips for the Most Productive Q1 Ever

1) Invest in personal assistant apps.

In 2016, Google Home was released in the U.S., furthering the conversations about voice-activation, AI, and the Internet of Things. But more than that, people wanted to know: Which is better, Google Home, or Alexa?

Technically speaking, not all personal assistant tools are created equal. Each has its own requirements, cost, and features. That’s why we looked at five of them, and evaluated which needs are best met by each one. Curious to know which one will fit best into your day-to-day? Check out our top picks in “5 Personal Assistant Tools That Actually Make Life Easier.”

2) Make the most of your downtime.

Between work and personal commitments, the modern lifestyle can be physically and emotionally draining. After all, that’s why we take vacations — or, at least, the 53% of us who aren’t afraid to take time off.

It’s kind of crazy that close to half of us feel ashamed to use that time, isn’t it? We shouldn’t be — it’s a great opportunity to slow down and do the things that don’t normally fit into our daily schedules. But once you do take a breather, take heed, and don’t overbook.

Instead, use that time to address some of the things that, as my colleague Sophia Bernazzani puts it, “have been collecting dust in your mental backlog.” Things like learning a new language, catching up with friends you’ve been meaning to check in with, or any number of things from her list of 20 ideas for productive things to do during your downtime.

3) Bookmark better resources.

It seems like there are just so many online resources for marketers, and especially for bloggers — just look at what a single Google search yields.

You might already have your favorites among the many options, but if not, here’s another place where you can prioritize according to your goals. Whether it’s staying …read more

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