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How to Keep your School Blog Interesting

February 03, 2016
Aaron Polmeer

By (Leigh Fitzgerald)


Your school’s blogs are the catalyst of your inbound marketing strategy. Marketers who prioritize blogging are 13x more likely to see positive results from their marketing efforts.

The reason why blogging correlates with marketing success isn’t a mystery. SEO loves a constant stream of fresh, engaging content, so search engines love them. Blogs let you present a rich, detailed picture of your school programs and life. So human readers love them.

But all this requires your team publish that constant stream of fresh, engaging content. (Notice we said “publish,” not “produce.” We’ll get to that in a moment.)

Stocking your blog with relevant, must-read content doesn’t have to be intimidating. A little planning and a lot of focus on your personas go a long way.

Informative Blogs Attract Attention

Blogging has its greatest impact on enrollment during the awareness stage. No one decides to apply because of a blog post they read. When you address their questions in a captivating way, prospective parents and students return to your blog. They see it as a resource throughout their journey.

Which means you’ve established your school as a trusted authority they can consult. You build good will with them and strengthen your place in their minds as a potential place of interest.

Which school is more likely to make their short list for applications? A school who made valuable information hard to find? Or the school that’s been by their side, guiding them the entire way?

Focus on Your Readers, Not Your School

As always, start with your personas. Your research revealed their concerns and priorities. What are the specific questions they ask to investigate these issues? What would a prospective student want to know about after-school clubs? What would parents want to know about how parent-teacher partnerships work?

If you want prospects to come back or , it must deal with the issues they struggle with.

Use your blog to highlight the expertise your teachers have in their areas. Educate people in the same areas of study you offer students. Show them the quality of education they’ll receive once they enroll. When they feel they’re learning from you already, they’ll have confidence you can educate them for the next four years as well.

Your School is Content Rich Already

We often mention the truth that your school already has a growing library of content in our other posts. This is why we said you want “publish” frequently, not necessarily “produce.” Reduce the time and cost your team expends on new blog content by drawing on these content sources.

Look to every source of content produced. Every department has syllabi, faculty bios, program descriptions, and internal newsletters. Review all the marketing collateral you’ve created for admissions. What does the alumni relations office have; is there an alumni magazine?

Don’t forget the students themselves. What do they produce? The student newspaper, publications, blogs are content-rich sources.

When you repurpose existing content for a …read more

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