How to Merge Facebook Accounts

May 11, 2021

By Neil Patel

Merging Facebook accounts seems to be a convenient option for companies undergoing consolidation or acquisition.

Unfortunately, merging accounts is not possible at the moment. However, marketers can request to merge Facebook accounts if they have an identical name or represent a similar product or service.

Now, what if your accounts don’t fit these criteria? Sadly, it won’t be possible to actually merge your Facebook accounts, but there are some possible workarounds.

In this article, we’ll discuss tips and tricks on how you can merge Facebook accounts, but before that, we’ll go over the benefits of this strategy.

Why Should You Merge Facebook Accounts?

Merging accounts isn’t for everyone, but there are a few cases when it could be beneficial.

Ease of Management

In the past, it may have been logical for businesses to have separate accounts, but circumstances can change.

A corporation with multiple businesses may prefer to merge accounts for ease of management. After all, it’s more convenient to post content from one account rather than managing several.

For marketers, handling a social media marketing calendar for two or more accounts can be a hassle. Each account likely has a distinct brand voice, content guidelines, or design. It can also be challenging to monitor social media metrics and create effective brand strategies for multiple entities.

When faced with these circumstances, combining everything in one account could mean saving a lot of time and effort.

Improve Customer Experience

Posting content from one account could be beneficial to your engagement results.

Your target audience simply needs to follow your main account to interact with your content.

An alternative option is to browse multiple accounts to view content about a specific department, service, or product, which isn’t always ideal.

If your audience wants to get in touch with your brand, they only need to message the main account. No need to browse through your different accounts to find the right people to speak to.

Add Diversity

Combining two or more accounts means more diversity for your content.

Let’s say you manage a fashion website, and your sister company runs a travel website. Rather than sharing strictly fashion-related content, you can spice it up with travel content.

As time passes, you may be able to gain followers interested in both travel and fashion. The combination could lead to improved social media engagement and a boost in your follower count.

How to Manage Your Facebook Accounts When a Business Consolidation Occurs

A business consolidation occurs when two separate businesses combine to form one entity.

Let’s say Marketing Agency A and Marketing Agency B were consolidated to make Marketing Agency C.

Agency A and Marketing Agency B both have separate Facebook accounts.

In the months to come, you’ll want to merge Facebook accounts or create a new account. This way, the new account for Marketing Agency C will combine followers, posts, and pictures from the previous accounts.

Again, you cannot …read more

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