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How To Outsource More Marketing To Your Customers

February 09, 2016
Aaron Polmeer

By Today’s Industry Insider


As a marketer in 2016 there’s no doubt you’ve read your share of articles about creating product evangelists. We all want to make our customers as excited to share our product with their networks as we are.

But what does evangelizing a product actually mean? Getting your customers to like your Facebook page or mention your service to a friend is valuable. But let’s go further. It’s time to move beyond creating loyal customers to actually creating marketers.

In fact, your customers are the people best prepared to market your product. Think about it. They understand the target customer and can empathize. They already exist in the places where your customers hang out. Best of all, they have a deep understanding of the value your product provides.

Empower them with the right tools, information, and motivation and see how your marketing resources can stretch. Make it easy for them and you will see big results.

In this post I will share specific steps you can take to turn your customers into not just evangelists but marketers.

Give them the information

Your team has the research. You understand the market and have come up with the messaging and positioning for your product. Often, we distinguish between internal and external messaging. You might have a customer facing tagline but an internal mission statement. But why? In an age when businesses are celebrated for their transparency and consumers make choices based on authenticity, there is no reason to maintain that boundary.

In fact, sharing some of that behind closed doors story is the first step to empowering your customers to tell your story.

So, what information should you share? It depends on your product and marketing goals. But I’d start by thinking through what information your marketing team needs to do their job. Some things you might want to consider.

  • Your message. Can your customers describe your product or service in one sentence? How about your brand attributes? Give them the information they need to clearly explain to someone else who you are and why you’re awesome. How would they introduce you to a friend?
  • Your customers. What are the things that connect the people who use your product or service? Is there an identifying trait or characteristic? Help them see how they are connected to your company and they will be able to identify others with the same potential link.
  • Your market. What is the problem you are solving and why is it important to the world we live in today. Help your customers see and feel the problem that they are themselves facing and they will be able to identify it for other people as well.

A detailed PowerPoint presentation might be a good way to share this information with your marketing team, but it’s probably not the best way to communicate with your customers. Instead, consider how you can embed this information within your already existing customer interactions.

Is the messaging clear in your content? How often will your customers encounter your definition of what you do and why? …read more

Source:: Kiss Metrics Blog