How to Use Customer Reviews in Images and Video Ads

June 02, 2021

By Neil Patel

Choosing the right content for your image and video ads can be challenging.

What message will actually get consumers to take the plunge and buy your product?

Regardless of how thorough your digital marketing plan is, there’s no one simple solution for ad success that applies to every campaign.

Or is there?

Instead of looking inside of your organization for inspiration, look to past and current consumers to help you share the greatness of your product.

How can you do this? By harnessing the power of reviews your satisfied customers have already given. 93 percent of consumers read online reviews before they make a purchasing decision. If you can incorporate authentic, positive reviews into your ads, you can set yourself apart from your competition and show your audience your worth.

In this blog post, we’ll break down six strategies for successfully using customer reviews to craft effective video and visual ads.

Why Should You Use Customer Reviews in Your Advertising Images and Videos

When a potential customer hears about your business or product, they’re going to go straight to the internet to find out more about it.

They’re not just looking for slick visuals: They’re looking for reviews from other consumers.

Also, 85 percent of consumers trust online reviews from strangers more than those from their friends and family.

When customer reviews are used in advertising material, you eliminate the middle step of consumers combing the internet for information.

Instead, you build immediate consumer trust with these user-generated descriptors of your service or product.

How to Use Customer Reviews in Your Advertising Images and Videos

There are countless ways to incorporate customer reviews into your marketing strategy. Below, we break down six strategies to let customer reviews do your marketing for you.

  1. Pick an Ad Theme and Find Customer Reviews on That Theme

    Ads can be powerful and evoke complex emotions.

    As you craft your testimonial campaign, decide which emotion you want your ad to embody. These include:

    Coca-Cola, for example, routinely adheres to the theme of friends and family. Invariably, when you see a Coke ad, you see this theme manifested either through imagery of copy.

    Think about the values associated with your brand and your mission.
    Dedicated to innovation? Select that theme and then source your existing quotes that highlight your cutting-edge tools.

    Regardless of which ad theme you choose, by pairing a sentiment with corresponding copy, you’ll inevitably craft an arresting, powerful testimonial that will make your product stand out to potential consumers.
    customer reviews - coke ad

  2. Pick a Great Customer Review and Create an Image or Video Around the Review

    While great reviews are worth their weight in gold, not displaying these testimonials properly can make them essentially valueless.

    To make sure your reviews get the attention they deserve, build an image (or a video …read more

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