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ICYMI: From the Fonz to Cool Treats

October 24, 2014

By Jay Kelly


Social media moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. In order to help you keep up, the team here at SME Digital has distilled the biggest stories of the past week into one easy to digest chunk.

With the introduction of ads on their platform, Snapchat has officially slipped on a leather jacket and strapped on water skis. In an effort to relieve users from the “creepy and targeted” ads on other platforms, they opted for a just plain creepy ad for the new movie “Ouija”. Users are hoping that in 10 seconds ads will forever be deleted from the service.

The World Series got off to a rough start for the Kansas City Royals when right fielder Nori Aoki’s laughable error was nearly instantly reduced to clever internet memes. The bloodbath was so severe that local news affiliate @KCTV5 tried to cheer up fans with a feel-good tweet about a washed up dead body.

In perhaps the biggest technology win of the week, a virtual digital avatar of a 10-year-old girl has been used to lure and catch vile pedophiles. Max Headroom is lobbying to reprise Chris Hansen’s role on the reboot of To Catch a Predator.

Much to the chagrin of thousands of “junk fans” from India and Pakistan, Copyblogger caused a stir when they announced this week that *gasp* they were shutting down their Facebook presence. While this spurred some conversation on their page at the juggernaut social network Google+, Jon Loomer’s dissection of their decision was equally, if not more compelling.

Are you feeling lonely because you can’t find anyone to play with on Ello? Do you really just want some nice, targeted advertisements to remind you that someone cares? Download the free Ello Ads Chrome extension and get three inconveniently placed ads you don’t want on any page.

You would think that Russians have never seen boobs before after 30 mobile billboards featuring giant breasts caused over 500 traffic accidents in a single day. It seems apparent that the folks in Moscow aren’t using the internet right.

Finally, the greatest life hack ever: YouTube user Deric Peace shows you how to repurpose your refrigerator’s ice dispenser to serve up frozen candy.

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