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Influence and The Mighty Impact of Chocolate Chip Cookies

February 15, 2017

By Lee Odden

Everyone is influential about something and if you want to be the “best answer” for that thing, then you should really read Mark Schaefer’s new book, Known. Today I’m sharing a very rare thing: a guest post. To celebrate the recent launch of Known, Mark has put together this preview for you.

For the past two years I’ve been obsessed with answering a single question: Can anybody become known in the world today?

Why would I be obsessed with something like that? Because I’ve come to realize that so many of our professional and personal goals have become tied to this idea. What about you? What do you want to do next in your life?

Do you dream of writing a book or beginning a speaking career?

Do you want to be recognized as a thought leader or influencer in your industry?

Do you want more doors to open on sales calls?

Do you want to receive an invitation for a board or university appointment?

As my friends talked to me about dreams like these, I realized I kept saying, “Well, to achieve that, you have to become known in your industry.” But how? Can anybody do it?

I’ve been on a journey to find out. I’ve done research, read everything I could get my hands on, and interviewed about 100 people who are “known” in their fields.

I should clarify that being known is not the same as being famous. It’s not about having millions of fans and red carpet appearances. Being known is about approaching your web presence with an intent that creates the proper authority, reputation, and audience to realize your potential and achieve your goals … whatever they might be.

I talked to people who are regarded as thought leaders in education, real estate, retail, construction, business, medicine, finance, fashion, music, art, and many more. I talked to people in Africa, Asia, Brazil, Canada, Australia, America, Mexico, Europe, and the Middle East. And I’ve written a new book about this called KNOWN.

This is what I found. Every person, in every field, in every country did exactly the same four things to become known:

  • They found a distinctive sustainable interest (which is different from a “passion”).
  • They found an un-contested space to publish content.
  • The created excellent content consistently, for years.
  • They worked tirelessly to nurture an audience big enough to matter.

One of the things I learned is that the road to becoming known is a long one. These people worked hard for two years or more before they started to realize their goals. Well, most of them did. There were a few exceptions. The people who were on the fast-track to becoming known effectively developed relationships with influencers who could help them connect, amplify their work and build an actionable audience.

For example, Aaron Lee, a blogger who lives on a peninsula in Malaysia built meaningful connections with influencers by finding problems he could solve for them and providing free content. Within just one year he transformed himself from unemployed marketer to a recognized fashion blogger.

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