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Insanely Simple Tips to Launch Your Core Metrics

February 02, 2016

By Marcus Guido

Insanely Simple Tips to Launch Your Core Metrics

With access to tools that track metrics marketers didn’t even know about 10 years ago, social media managers are challenged to constantly boost numbers as they build brand influence.

Easier said than done, right?

At the end of the day, it’s up to your audience to interact with you. But there are certainly ways to grow your following and encourage action.

Engagement Rate

Think of engagement rate as a way to measure and benchmark a post’s popularity.

There are two steps to calculating this number. First, add up the likes, shares or comments a given post receives. Second, divide the sum by your amount of fans or followers.

Studying more than 3 million user interactions, Forrester research concluded these were the average engagement rates:

  • Twitter: 0.03%
  • Facebook: 0.07%
  • Instagram: 4.21%

1. Post links more often

Including links in your social media posts is the best way to boost shares, according to Microsoft researchers. A small team analyzed more than 200,000 retweets over a two-month span, finding that only 18% included a hashtag and a mere 9% had an @mention. But 52% contained a URL. Just make sure you’re linking to informative, well-written content.

2. Limit your posting schedule

Platforms with lots of business activity and user-to-brand interaction, such as Twitter, demand a busy posting schedule. But what about platforms that are comparatively slower, such as Facebook? A study by Buddy Media suggests you should avoid frequent posting. Posting less than five times a week can lead to a 71% increase in likes, shares and comments.

3. Ask for shares

Believe it or not, simply asking for a share may boost your engagement rate. According to research by social media scientist Dan Zarrella, tweets that contain “Please Retweet” and “Please RT” earn an average of 51% and 39% more shares, respectively.


Reach is a post’s potential audience, generally based on the poster’s fan or follower count. When someone shares that post or it appears on a search results page, its reach increases.

1. Post during non-peak times

Sharing content during peak time (when the bulk of your audience is online) seems like it would increase reach. Research from digital marketer Jon Loomer shows that’s not always the case. Posting the same amount of links, he earned an average reach of almost 13,000 during non-peak hours compared to an average of less than 9,000 during peak time.

2. Leverage hashtags

Using relevant hashtags is an easy way to reach an audience beyond your fans and followers. For example, social media marketers can join Twitter chats. These include #SMBiz, #SMChat and #SMManners, to name a few. You also shouldn’t be afraid to jump into a trending hashtag on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Often with thousands of users contributing, you’ll access an expanded audience. And with witty or thoughtful content, you may even improve engagement:


3. Boost your posts

Low reach on the major social media platforms is a documented issue. For example, a study by Cision says the average Facebook post reaches less than 2% of fans. If all else fails – and you have some …read more

Source:: Social Media Explorer