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Is Gramista a Scam? Our Review

December 13, 2019

By Morgan Brown

When it comes to gaining Instagram followers,
automation is the most effective tool to use. Not only will you gain followers,
it will increase engagement and save you time. Managing your Instagram should
be easy, not adding extra work. Before
checking out any service, there are a few things to remember. Know who your
audience is, it helps to narrow it down so that you are not boosting numbers
with people likely to unfollow.

Know your budget and stick with it. You can
even use multiple services if they fit your budget and covers all your needs.
Think of questions to ask the service before you sign up, it’s better to get
answers before you get frustrated. Lastly, always take advantage of free
trials. You want to know how well the service works before a commitment.

Now let’s take a look at Gramista and 17 alternatives that will boost your Instagram presence.

Top Gramista Alternatives

  1. ViralRace
  2. YoViral
  3. Mr. Insta
  4. Turbo Media
  5. Skweezer
  6. Rocket Social
  7. Upleap
  9. Zoho Social
  10. Social Buddy
  11. Instanobel
  12. Instelite
  14. FollowAdder
  15. FireStrike
  16. Followers Guru
  17. iDigic

What is Gramista?

Gramista is an automation tool that not only guarantees authentic new followers, but they will engage with your accounts.

This system uses reciprocal engagement so that you will gain real followers on Instagram. They promise that engagement will be natural and human-like, while you are busy taking care of other tasks.

Gramista Features

If you are looking for a variety of features, Gramista is your answer. You can choose your target audience through filters to find the right people. Hashtags, location, gender, and account types are among the filters that you can use. Gramista also offers Smart Mode.

When using smart mode, artificial intelligence acts as if a human is using the account. It will randomly run scripts, track accounts followed and unfollowed, and interact with your target audience. It will even like comments on your behalf with Instagram users who match your criteria.

Gramista Pros and Cons

Gramista is a great product and a few aspects
that may not fit your needs.


1. Super easy to use, anyone can learn the

2. A variety of payment plans that are
affordable and offer different features.

3. Customer support when you purchase a 30-day
plan or higher.


1. They offer a 12-hour free trial. That
doesn’t give you much time to really know if it’s the right fit. However, that
is accumulative time so if you use it for two hours a day, it will last you six

2. You cannot use it for multiple accounts.
This is limiting for people who have higher needs.

3. The customer support is not 24/7. They
offer an FAQ page to help alleviate issues. You can contact them but it may
take a while to get a resolution.

Is Gramista Safe?

When it comes to safety, Gramista can be
questionable. There are complains in several forums that their followers were
questionable. Gramista does not provide information on how they gather the
followers to your account. However, when it comes to automated activity, they
are relatively safe. The human-like artificial intelligence works well at
masking the automation.

Here are our list of alternatives that we feel
are comparable to Gramista.

1. ViralRace

ViralRace is an excellent alternative if you
are looking …read more

Source:: Social Media Explorer