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‘It’s not as exciting as other jobs’: The child’s view of their work-from-home parents

April 24, 2020

By Lara O’Reilly

For many ad industry staffers, the coronavirus-forced lockdown hasn’t just been about adjusting to the quirks of remote work, but also having to suddenly juggle three full-time roles as parent, teacher and executive.

For the children of those parents, the lockdown has opened a rare window into what their moms and dads actually do for a living.

Digiday asked seven brave advertising executives to take on another temporary new role — interviewer — and ask their kids what their parents’ jobs entail.

Such is the unpredictable nature of kids, their answers range from adorable at one end of the scale — “I want to work with Daddy” — to devastatingly blunt at the other — “I think she should work harder.” And ad execs’ children appear to have cottoned on to the notion that all they really do all day is make lots and lots of phone calls…

Agnes (age 4) and Kitty (6) interviewed by their mom Helen James, managing director of creative agency Crispin Porter Bogusky in London

Helen, Agnes and Kitty. Source: Helen James

What does mommy do for a job?

Agnes: She makes things that people see. Her job is quite tippy-tappy. She types on computers all day and talks on the phone to everyone.

Kitty: She puts adverts in places. I’ve seen lots of them about boring things. I did see Duolingo, and that one was good – oh but that was Daddy’s advert not Mummy’s. [Editor’s note: James’s partner is Rob Ward, chief strategy officer at competitor agency, And Rising.] Oh, she also puts things on screens.

What is the best thing about Mommy’s job?

Kitty: We get lots of sweeties from June [Frangue, head of design at Crispin Porter.]

Agnes: Playing the cupcake game, and Duolingo. [Again, this is James’s husband’s ad.]

Would you like to do Mommy’s job when you get older?

Agnes: No, it’s not as exciting as other jobs. Like keeping the flowers and the bees healthy and looking after the planet.

Kitty: No, I want to be an explorer and a rockclimber.

What’s the worst thing about Mommy’s job?

Agnes: She doesn’t get much time to play with us, or pick us up from the black gate. [School, in other words.]

How could Mommy do her job better?

Kitty: She could work a bit slower, and she should take more breaks. Or, she could change to be a doctor or vet, and help people.

Agnes: I think she should work harder.

Caitlin (6) interviewed by Tom Firth, managing Director at ad agency M&C Saatchi Global

What do I do for a job?

Caitlin: Make adverts.

And what does that actually mean I do all day?

Caitlin: Sit in your office and do your work by writing a script about what advert you’re going to make.

What’s the best thing about my job?

Caitlin: That you get to see your friends at work.

What’s the worst thing about my job?

Caitlin: You don’t get to see us until night and you are a very nice dad so I’m very sad when you have to do it — and we don’t get to see you …read more

Source:: Digiday