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Keep the Digital Marketing Conversation Going Online

February 28, 2017
Aaron Polmeer


DigiMarCon isn’t just about what’s happening at the conference in terms of cutting-edge digital marketing strategies and our amazing roster of speakers and master class presenters. It’s also about turning the insights you acquire into digital gold by continuing the conversation and sharing what you learned long after out event is over.

We also love it when our attendees get active online during our events. What better way to put some muscle into your digital marketing skills by sharing key insights with your followers online, in real time, as the conference is happening?

To get started, be sure you’re following DigiMarCon on all our social media channels here – we’re on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, you name it. Check in on our channels throughout the conference to keep up with conference-related news and see what other attendees are sharing. Who knows – you may meet your new digital marketing best friend online first, then meet them in person at one of our social events.

As you post throughout the event, don’t forget to use the hashtag #Digimarcon in your content for a chance to be shared and spotlighted by one of our channels. You can also search this hashtag on any channel you use to see what other people are saying about the conference.

Maintain Digital Momentum After the Conference

When the conference is through, maintain the momentum and put all those meaningful and inspiring ideas you learned into practice by fostering relationships with attendees and speakers. That’s right – the talented speakers you hear at DigiMarCon want to connect with you, too! Tell them what you loved about their presentation and how you’ll use their advice, or ask them a follow-up questions about their presentations. You’re now a part of the DigiMarCon community, which means talking about what you learned online is expected and encouraged.

When you attend our conferences, you become inducted in a special network of passionate digital marketers who want to make a difference not just in their own businesses, but in larger communities in the digital space. Throughout the year, be sure to check back regularly on the DigiMarCon channels to get access to breaking news about upcoming conferences and to see what past speakers and attendees are up to.

Don’t stop there. Armed with the insights you learned at DigiMarCon, you can emerge as a digital thought leader yourself. Think about hosting a digital marketing-themed Twitter party with another attendee who’s halfway around the world. Start a Facebook Group that includes all the new contacts you met at the conference, where you can continue to share ideas and new successes with each other. DigiMarCon is a powerful resource. Put it fully to use by spreading the love online – both during the conference and when you return home. And don’t forget – #Digimarcon.

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