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Kissmetrics Product Update: Engage Color Customization, Custom Date Filters and Multi-Touch Attribution

September 11, 2015
Aaron Polmeer

By Chuck Liu


We’ve got a lot of exciting updates to announce. Many of you have sent us requests for these features, so we hope you love them as much as we do.

So without further ado:

1) Engage Color Customization

Customize the colors of your messages to match

Color has the power to either increase or decrease conversions. So why limit Engagements to dark and light color schemes only?

We added color customization so you can use any color that matches or complements your website. It’s perfect if you have a custom hex code that your team uses as part of a style guide or if you want to use simply choose different colors to make your Engagements stand out using our color selector.

Here’s some examples of what some of our customers are thinking of using Engage colors for.

This customer is using the announcement design:

These two are employing the Bumper design:


2) Filter With Custom Dates

Each filter condition can now be limited to a custom date range of your choice. Get advanced insights into your marketing funnel without building an internal team or tool.

Let’s say you want to view all the people who have signed up for a free trial in the last 30 days, specifically those who have also viewed your pricing page in the last 3 months.

Before, you only had the option to filter out viewing the pricing page in the entire history of a customer’s activity. Now, you can choose a custom date range for any report filters.

This is great for finding out behavioral insights such as:

How is my sign-up conversion rate affected if people don’t view the pricing page in the past 30 days?

How is my purchase conversion rate affected if people only see email campaigns in the past 2 weeks?

How is our 30-day retention affected if people haven’t used a specific feature in the past 2 weeks?

These advanced filtering techniques are usually reserved for in-house analytics teams that build this from the ground up to test hypotheses, but now you have the power of finding these insights yourself and to become the next Facebook “7 friends in 10 days” insight superstar with ease.

3) Breakdown Over Time: Multi-Touch Attribution


We know that marketing isn’t about a simple first or last touch anymore. It’s about how all of your different campaigns work together to acquire a customer. Wouldn’t you want to see what each source for each conversion is?

For example, maybe your eCommerce store sells hats and shirts. That means customers will come back to purchase different items. Maybe the first purchase was driven by a Facebook ad, the second was attributed to an email campaign, and the third purchase was attributed to a Twitter post. You used to be able to only see first or last touch, but now you can get a breakdown over time of how multiple touchpoints result in conversions.

Without this breakdown of attribution, you would have never known your email campaign had an influence in this customer’s purchase behavior. Now you can accurately give credit to channels that drove conversion–whether they’re the first, second or last.

As always, I’d love to hear what you think about any of our new features–the good, the bad and the ugly. Email and I’ll read every response.

About the Author: Chuck Liu is the Director of Growth at Kissmetrics.

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