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Learn How To Increase Customer Engagement at DigiMarCon CRUISE 2017

Digimarcon-Cruise-2017Customer engagement is the process of encouraging your customers to interact and share their experiences with your business and brand. It helps you to interact with customers in the buyer’s journey and close sales. Right Customer Engagement Strategy is important to create brand loyalty. Learn methods to increase Customer Engagement at the third annual DigiMarCon CRUISE 2017. Here are the brief details about the topics which will be covered in this digital marketing conference at sea.

How to Increase Customer Engagement?

 1. Creation of Compelling Content

It’s important to understand the buyer’s journey and target the right content in different stages to attract the visitors and turn them into leads. Identifying the problems of your customers and creating the content to solve their problems is crucial. In addition, it’s important to target the relevant content in the form of videos, infographics, newsletters or blog posts. Also, helping them to understand the latest trends, best practices and the ‘How-To’ guides which add more value. Including regular blog posts, email updates and webinars with great insights and product knowledge can be effective.

 2. Use of Social Media Tools

Social Media Channels including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram is effective in delighting customers. Identifying the right channel to engage your audience with the right content by performing time to time promotions is crucial. Social Media Tools are helpful in customer interaction and increasing Customer Engagement. Also, it can turn your regular customers into loyal customers through regular posts and updates. At the same time, due to huge followers on channels, you can reach more customers and increase engagement as followers share and comment on the posts. So this way you can not only retain old customers but gain new ones.

 3. Video Marketing

People prefer to see videos rather than reading posts and engage more with them. According to HubSpot, 43% of people want to see more video content from marketers. (Source: So effective video marketing can not only educate but persuade your customers to buy services or products. Videos develop trust and converts customers into loyal customers and move them to take an appropriate action. So it helps in closing sales due to a consistent and authentic message. Video Marketing is cost effective plus makes your brand stand out in an industry. You can embed or share the video on blog posts, social media channels, YouTube channel, etc, to reach more and more customers.

4. Mobile Marketing

According to AdWeek 2015, 35% of smartphone users check their phone more than 50 times per day. So if you are not targeting mobile marketing then you are losing an opportunity to connect with your customers and engage with them. It helps in engaging customers, whether they are in awareness or consideration or decision stage of the buying cycle. Mobile apps are effective in customer engagement so if you have an e-commerce website, then mobile apps are necessary to engage the target audience frequently and convert them into loyal buyers.

 5. Email Marketing

Effective Email Marketing is the key to engage customers. Email marketing tips include the creation of attractive subject lines, personalization of emails, adding a call to action and optimize for mobile devices. Analyze important engagement metrics, including open rate, click rate, bounce rate, emails deleted without opening and unsubscribe rate. These metrics will help to analyze the customer engagement process. Email marketing helps to take important decisions in the buyer’s journey.

An effective strategy should be created to delight the customers in every stage of the buying cycle, including awareness, consideration and decision. In the awareness stage you can educate them about the products, in consideration stage, you can send an email mentioning the benefits of taking the products and in the last stage i.e decision stage offers them discounts or coupons. So engaging them in this way can help to take the right decision about buying products or services.

Interested in Learning More?

If you are interested in learning more on how to increase customer engagement, attend DigiMarCon CRUISE 2017 on April 16th to 23rd 2017 for seven days of onboard from Royal Caribbean ‘Oasis of the Seas’ Cruise Ship departing Orlando (Port Canaveral), Florida, sailing to Nassau (Bahamas), Charlotte Amalie (St. Thomas) and Philipsburg (St. Maarten). Grab your seats now by following the link and complete the steps. For more details about DigiMarCon CRUISE 2017 check

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