Marleen Mour and the Journey She Had to Undergo To Start Writing Her Three Books on Self-Love and Infidelity

August 30, 2020

By Jacob Maslow


Marleen Mour (34), was born in Egypt and fled her way to freedom to become a beacon for other men and women in their search for self-love, truthful expression, and living a healthy life on their terms. 

Mour has many achievements in the health and fitness industry, which include being a gold and silver medalist on a national and worldwide level, a member of the International Gold Key Honor Society, and an author of three books devoted to self-love and the expression of deep inner truths and desires. 

As much as her family fought to keep her from boarding her flight, Mour fought with equal fervour and at 19 years old she boarded the gates to freedom and flew to Australia. She left behind a life fraught with repression and rules from her family’s culture in Egypt, a life that she felt did not suit her or her desires; she started again. After many hardships, including battling cancer and experiencing deep loneliness, she has built a legacy to be proud of. 

How did Mour proceed to use her freedom in Australia?

Mour is the founder of Marleen Mour Coaching, which is a health and fitness brand (owned by her company FittHeroes) that specialises in helping women transform their bodies from the inside out. Being a mother herself and having lost 42kgs, Marleen Mour Coaching is a reflection of Mour’s passion to live a life on her terms and celebrate the freedom that everyone deserves. 

Mour aims to educate others about self-love and self-care and through her Emotional Coaching methods, Mour is determined to create a culture where others can speak about the unspoken and not just follow the rules set out by society, ‘I believe that Self-Love and Self-Care are a foundation for creating true equality, compassion and non-judgement in this world’. 

What did Mour focus on in her books?

Mour is the author of three books, which are testaments to the unspoken and seemingly taboo topics in society, they encourage each man and woman to be brave to express themselves openly. Her book titles explore the world of cheating and infidelity, but also sets the tone for self-love and how to best support ourselves through any situation that compromises our relationships. Below are descriptions of her three books, namely ‘Cheating: How to Do It Right – A Guide For Women’, ‘The Allure of Infidelity: Understanding Why Most of Us Cheat and What We Seek from Our Affairs’, and lastly ‘The Power of Self-Love for Permanent Weight Loss’. 

Cheating: How to Do It Right – A Guide For Women

In Cheating: How to Do It Right – A Guide For Women, Mour provides support for women who feel ‘stuck’ in their relationships, but are not yet ready to leave their partners. It does not aim to condone cheating, but to shine a light on the fact that it is a normal inclination for partners to seek intimacy elsewhere when they feelonely and unseen in their own relationship. 

Mour seeks to address that infidelity …read more

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